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10 Fun Air Hockey Table Reviews – Dominate The Game in 2018

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Air hockey is SO FUN to play! Plus, it’s easy to learn, satisfying to master, and massively competitive. Ready to bring this magic into your home? Here’s our definitive guide to buying the best air hockey table.

Last updateOctober 10, 2018
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Porutiu Theodor
Today’s expert
Porutiu Theodor
10 Fun Air Hockey Table Reviews – Dominate The Game in 2018

Our leaders

Best of the best
Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table
5 / 5


Awesome design

Sturdy, high-quality materials

Powerful and durable fan


Hard time assembling it

Low-quality strikers

Learn more

Durable build

Sleek design

UL Blower that ensures even airflow


No replacement parts available

Some issues setting it up

Learn more
Best for the money
Goplus 42″ Air Powered Hockey Table Game Room Indoor Sport Electronic Scoring 2 Pushers
4.5 / 5


Innovative design

Powerful air blower

Overall qualitative build


Flimsy legs

Annoying electronic scoring add-on

Learn more



Powerful blower for this category


Not very durable

Low-quality pucks

Learn more
Runners up

Also good products

4 / 5

Futuristic playing surface, high-quality blower, and small enough that you can just throw it in the trunk and have fun anywhere.

Premium Black 7-foot Air Hockey Chrome Table
w/5 Year Warranty from FamilyPoolFun.com
3.8 / 5

Even if there are some awkward strikers in the pack, this table is sturdy and promises a fun match.

3.5 / 5

Timeless design and a powerful blower mean a fun time, but make sure you don’t press too hard on it - it’s flimsy.

3.5 / 5

Clad in a black armor-like finish, the American Heritage makes up in durability what it lacks in features.

3 / 5

Even if it’s the most stable product, the numerous games your children can have fun with, making it worth the money.

3 / 5

Not the best on our list, but definitely the most nostalgic. The only thing this table lacks is an overhead scoring system.

How We Decided

Porutiu Theodor
Today’s expert
Porutiu Theodor

While I have to admit I like foosball more, air hockey is something I never miss when I’m at the arcades. I’ve been playing at least once a month for over three years, and after working on this piece I’m even thinking of going pro.

General shopping guide

With the dawn of the arcade era, so too came the dawn of huge, exclusive air hockey tables. Nowadays you can get the best air hockey table installed, for a reasonable price, right in your living room.

If you’re a big fan of Dave & Buster’s, but you’ve never played a match of air hockey, there must be something wrong with you.


Air hockey is SO FUN to play! Plus, it’s easy to learn, satisfying to master, and massively competitive. Ready to bring this magic into your home?

We know. Let’s get dig in!

best air hockey table

Research You Can Trust

Air hockey tables are not the most complicated invention of mankind.

In fact,

With the basic tools, some plywood and ingenuity, you can make one yourself.

With that in mind...

If you want to bring the entire arcade experience back home, there are a few things to keep in mind. These include what size the table should be, what materials ensure durability (and a fun experience), what power source you need, and, well, the list can go on and on...

Luckily, you don’t have to stress.

We tested over 30 air hockey tables and consulted with professional air hockey players to make sure we got everything right.

By the way, while you’re upgrading your game room, you might also want to check out these awesome dart boards we reviewed or these ? ping pong tables.


The 30 Second Review

One does not simply purchase an air hockey table and has fun with it.

Well, maybe that’s true sometimes…

But if you want to make sure you’ll love your purchase, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all…

Settle on a type of air hockey table. You have the regular, freestanding tables, also used in world championships, which are pretty basic. Four legs, a smooth surface, two strikers, and a puck.

If you want a portable choice,

Go for a tabletop version, which only comes with a smooth surface and rubbers to stabilize it on any table you may have standing around.

Versatility your thing?

Try a multi-game table, which can be used for playing air hockey, pool, table tennis, and other things. Note these are usually less durable (a lot of moving parts), but very helpful in making your game room complete.


If you miss the arcades, go for an arcade-style table.

You’ll need a lot of room for these, but the nostalgia is guaranteed.

Since we talked about space, another thing to keep in mind is the size of your future table.

Most such fun-filled products are 90-inches long by 50-inches wide, but there’s a lot of variety, so make sure you’ll get a table that you’ll feel comfortable using.

On top of that,

Make sure there’s enough space for the table in the room you’re planning to set it up in.


Another thing to think about…

Is the materials that were used while crafting your air hockey table. You’ll want to look for sturdy, durable components, such as hardwoods and strong aluminum.

This is especially important when talking about the materials of structural components (legs, levelers, etc) because leaning over the table is common in air hockey,


Consider additional features, such as the scoring system, design, sound effects and the like. You want a durable table, but what’s the use of a durable table if it’s not fun?

These are the things you should generally consider when choosing an air hockey table. If you want to see them explored in depth, read on.

Buying an Air Hockey Table – The Definitive Guide

Before we delve into different things to consider when buying an air hockey table, let’s first make sure you have a clear understanding of how the game and the product work.

In general (although there are exceptions), an air hockey table has an extremely smooth surface, rails on all sides, and two slots in opposing parts of the railing.

These serve as goals when the puck enters them, and the way players move the puck around the table is with a striker.


It’s, as the name suggests, the tabletop version of hockey. Timeless, fun, and suitable for all ages.

But there’s a catch.

I was completely oblivious to this before I started working on the article you’re reading, and it’s so silly now that I think back.

If you’ve ever played the game, you’ll know that the puck glides across the table as if it were on the ice. This is not just due to a cleverly designed surface material, it actually happens due to the air that’s being pumped from underneath the table through tiny holes.

This blow keeps the puck slightly in the air, removing any possible friction with the table – and you get “artificial ice”.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into it. What you need to know before throwing your money at an air hockey table.

Table Type

The old arcade behemoths are extremely close to extinction, and with their disappearance, human ingenuity took over.

As a result, the different features and build of air hockey tables separate them in a few distinct categories.

best air hockey table tabletop


This type of table can be placed on any surface, which is usually done with small rubber feet stabilizing the structure on any other table you may have in a game room or a living room.

Generally, this type of table is smaller, and as a result, it’s perfect for people that need to save on space.


We suggest buying this type of air hockey table if you want to make the little ones happy. Being very versatile and portable, you’ll be able to set it up on a table at their height.

On top of that, you can just throw it in the trunk if you’re going on vacation, so you’ll get some well-deserved free time while the kids are busy gliding a puck across the table.


Being the most common on the market, this type of table has similar sizes to the tabletop counterpart (even if the range is much higher). The difference is that, as the name suggests, this one can stand on its own.

By far the largest range when it comes to size, features and build, there’s a freestanding table for anyone. Small or big, crazy colors, electronic scoring, and music, or sleek, minimalist versions, you’re bound to find one you like.


If you want to get the most bang for your bucks, this one is definitely the way to go. Multi-game tables are like any freestanding table, the difference is that you can flip the playing surface to reveal a different game.

Pool, air hockey and even ping pong, you can get al three in one (relatively cheap) table. If you’re not a big fan of the gliding puck, and you just want to dabble in the fun once in a while, this is the table for you.


Did I say arcade air hockey tables were massively losing popularity?

They are if we’re talking about their use in the arcade.

If we’re talking about their general use, arcade-style tables are hands-down the nostalgic choice. The sounds of the puck hitting the railing, the electronic scoring above your head, the lights, everything – it’s just a memory trip everytime you play.

You’ll have to dig deeper in your pocket to get one of these, but if you love air hockey (and you got the room) – this is definitely the choice for you.


Another thing you’re going to want to keep in mind is the size of your table, and the size of the room you’re going to place the table in.

The general size of an air hockey table is 90-inches long by 50-inches wide.

While this size can vary a lot,

It’s estimated for any measurements, you need to have three to five additional feet of space at each end of the table for players to move around.

With a bit of simple math, if your future table clocks in at 90-inches long and 50-inches wide, you should have about 13 to 15-feet of length and 8 to 9-feet of width in available space, just so you can move around easily.


That’s one example and your situation may vary a lot. As a result, always measure the room you’re going to place the table in, just to make sure you have enough space.


One important thing to take into account is the type of materials that were used to build your future table. That’s important if you want a durable purchase, but also if you want the best experience possible – a poor surface material will lead to a poor game.


The easiest thing to get out of the way is what materials to look for in a table’s structure (legs, bottom surface, tubing, etc)

If you want to get technical, the best aluminum alloy to have holding up a table is the 3003 – that’s sturdiness for you.

If your future table’s structure is wooden,

Look for hardwoods instead of softwoods (duh) if you want durability.

In terms of tubing…

I’m not even remotely close to deciphering the debate of what materials are better….

PVC, CPVC… It’s a foreign world to me and I don’t think I could provide a lot of value going into that.

As such,

If you want good quality tubing, and sturdy legs, just go for the more expensive choice.

That’s not to say you should just throw money at the most expensive piece – it’s just that from two contenders at your wallet, the more expensive one is likely to have better materials.

Playing Surface

While the structure is a thing to keep in mind if you want the perfect choice, the playing surface material is fundamental to a fun experience.

What’s the best choice?

By far the market standard, and the best choice possible, is having a wooden surface – maybe a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) – topped by a laminate material.

If you’re not willing to spend too much, plastic coating instead of a laminate material will do the trick, but steer clear of anything else.

Rink Walls

Ah, the sound of the puck hitting the railing! If you’ve ever played air hockey, you definitely got the specific “cling” in mind right about now.

Rink wall materials should be top-notch if you want to ensure that nostalgic sound, and a qualitative rebound.

For that,

Make sure the railing is made out of regular aluminum, or at worst, very strong nylon. Anything else just didn’t cut it for us.


Extra Features

The last thing to keep in mind is what you should look for in extra features.


Like with most table games, you can get either electronic scoring or manual scoring.

This is mostly a thing of personal preference and how much are you willing to pay for that nostalgic trip, but there’s one thing most people overlook.

When playing with friends or family,

We’re sometimes tempted to bend the rules a little bit. For example, when I play air hockey with my girlfriend we don’t count the own goals – just so we keep everyone happy.

With manual scoring, you can truly bend these rules, while the electronic scoring is more rigid in that department.

Power Source of the Best Air Hockey Table

The choice is a bit easier here.

You can either get a plug-in table or a table that runs on batteries.

In all instances, we recommend the plug-in option.


The fan/blower is generally more powerful and short of a power outage, there’s nothing that can prevent you from playing the game.

Extra Stuff

There’s nothing we can objectively say about things like music, sound features, above the head scoring and such.

What we can do is a disclaimer – the variety of extra features that bring your experience closer to exactly what you want is great, and for some people, that matters more than durability.

As a result, always browse the product description carefully. You may stumble across something you didn’t even knew you wanted, but appreciate greatly.

Detailed Reviews of Our Favorite Air Hockey Tables


Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table

Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table

We rarely see any type of product that exudes both professionalism and childlike fun at the same time. This is one of those items, and it combines the two in an incredible fashion.

The Harvil table comes with a wide array of features.

You’ll have fun with an air flow evenly pumped by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified blower, but a good game is not everything this product promises.

The build seems structurally sound…

...since it’s made out of sturdy materials, and the legs are bulky enough to support sudden and often bending over it.

If we’re to talk about legs, you can place this table over any type of terrain, since it comes with (just as durably marketed) leg levelers.

Since this is a 5-foot table, you don’t need a lot of space either, so a small game room should do the trick.

In terms of extra features…

This freestanding table comes with a plug-in electrical system, which contains an electronic scoring system besides the aforementioned blower. While the fan itself is powered by a regular plug, you’ll need 2 AAA batteries to get the scoring system to function (which is a pretty weird design choice).

So why is this product’s rating not a 10+?

There are a few problems you’ll encounter if you purchase the Harvil 5-foot table.

Although none of these are deal-breakers, you should be completely informed of what you’re buying.

Right off the bat...

...you may have problems assembling the table. There’s a lot of screws and bolts in the pack, but the instruction manual is not as clear as it can be. It’s not impossible to set up, but it might take you 1-2 hours before it’s ready to play.

To add insult to injury,

Some screw holes didn’t align in shipped products, so you may end up having to drill your own. This was not a problem in our case, but the issue arose for other customers.


We have to condemn the striker design. They’re made out of cheap materials, and if you’re an aggressive player you may end up denting or even breaking them. If you want to ensure a high-quality game no matter what, you may want to consider throwing in another 5 or 6 bucks for a set of similar strikers.

Still sounds like a good choice?

If you want to see how to assemble the product, be sure to check this video out.


  • 5-foot Freestanding table
  • Electronic Scoring
  • Professional yet fun design
  • Plug-in system


Awesome design

Sturdy, high-quality materials

Powerful and durable fan


Hard time assembling it

Low-quality strikers


Brunswick 7-foot Air Hockey Table – Windchill

Brunswick 7-foot Air Hockey Table – Windchill

If your game room has a dark aesthetic, look no further. The sleek black design of this 7-foot Brunswick table makes it a fun addition for your living room as well, promising quality, durability and lots of good matches.

Is it a good choice?

We may have given that away with our rating, but we’ll state it again - it definitely looks like a good choice.

In terms of construction…

… the Brunswick comes with sturdy pedestal legs made out of a durable alloy. On top of these, you get a laminate MDF playing surface, and a strong UL-certified blower pumping air from underneath.

It certainly looks like a nice build.

Extra features?

You’ll have to keep your own score on this table’s manual system, but the blower is powered by a regular 110 - 220 V plug, so no need for batteries.

You also get four pucks and two high-quality strikers, so you can go berserk with the power strikes.

It’s a pretty basic table, but in the end, that’s the beauty of it.

What we do want to praise…

...is this product’s design. You just can’t go wrong with black and white, but the way Brunswick pulls the look is unique. There’s a definite preference for black and the white elements are intertwined perfectly to create the feeling it’s a secondary color.

Fits right in.

The issues that bugged us…

...are not the end of the world, but like with any product, this one has its weaknesses.

The first apparent problem is that you can’t find replacement parts anywhere.

Dented a corner or broke the scoring system?

It will stay that way because if you’re not handyman enough, there’s no way to replace any component. Moreover, some shipped products featured flimsy parts, so get ready to feel discontent if you’re unlucky.

Another issue that might arise…

Is setting it up if you don’t have an Allen wrench of your own. The one that’s in the package doesn’t work on all parts.


  • 7-foot Freestanding table
  • Plug-in blower
  • Manual scoring system


Durable build

Sleek design

UL Blower that ensures even airflow


No replacement parts available

Some issues setting it up


Goplus 42″ Air Powered Hockey Table Game Room Indoor Sport Electronic Scoring 2 Pushers

Goplus 42″ Air Powered Hockey Table Game Room Indoor Sport Electronic Scoring 2 Pushers

If there ever was an underground air hockey table, this product would be the embodiment of that. Versatile, portable, and sporting cool graffiti tags - is it worth your money?

Let’s start with the good stuff.

The unique thing about this product is obviously the design. While the first thing that anyone will observe is the graffiti, the playing field is also nice and minimalistic.

In terms of construction…

The Goplus table is generally made out of qualitative materials, and some laminated MDF on top. With that in mind, it’s a tabletop - so durability is not this product’s forte.

Being a tabletop, however, means it’s portable and easy to set up.

To wrap the benefits part up,

We also want to mention the motor. Even if it’s compact, the table prides itself with a powerful motor that’s plugged in - not battery enabled. This ensures that the much-needed airflow is stable.

On the downside…

...there are a few issues we’d like to mention.

First of all, the small legs that stabilize this product on a regular table are made out of poor materials. As a result, a heated match can even end with the crack of a leg.

It should be fine for children, but adults won’t have lots of fun with it.

To add to that,

You can place an electronic scoring system on the side. It sounds good, but the feature is pretty much useless since oftentimes it will not score all goals, so you’ll still end up manually counting points.


  • 42 in Tabletop air hockey table
  • Plug-in motor
  • Manual scoring


Innovative design

Powerful air blower

Overall qualitative build


Flimsy legs

Annoying electronic scoring add-on


Playcraft Sport Breakaway Air Hockey Table

Playcraft Sport Breakaway Air Hockey Table

If you want to have some fun, all while keeping the kids busy when you need some time off, this product may be the solution. It’s suitable for adults, but it’s size and versatility make it a great choice for the little ones as well.

We really like how this product…

...Can be set-up and used in mere minutes. Being tabletop, you can place it on any surface, power it up and you’re good to go. This means less hassle, but it also means children can gleefully use it without standing up on their toes.

In contrast with other tabletop options,

The Playcraft table is powered by a standard wall socket, not batteries. Even if the scoring is manual, the fact that you use your house’s energy means as few interruptions from the game as possible.

If we’re to talk design,

It’s possible that your kids will love how the table looks more than you do. While there’s nothing objectively wrong with the aesthetics, it just has this childish vibe to it.

So what’s the matter with the table?

Defects are not apparent, but they exist nonetheless.

First and foremost, this is a tabletop piece, so it’s inevitably less stable and less durable than freestanding counterparts.

Specifically about this item…

...people complained about the particle board underneath the playing field. It’s prone to cracking, exactly because of the durability issue with tabletop versions.

But that’s not all.

The pucks in the pack are not of the best quality, so you may also need to invest in a different set.

All in all, however, you and your children should be happy with the choice.


  • 40in tabletop air hockey table
  • Manual scoring
  • Plug-in fan




Powerful blower for this category


Not very durable

Low-quality pucks


Mainstreet Classics 42-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

Mainstreet Classics 42-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

If you didn’t catch on by now, tabletop builds are not the most durable choice. While that may be true, the best way to keep a tabletop version sturdy is with pedestal legs - just like the ones Mainstreet Classics boasts.

Where does this product excel?

The first thing you’ll notice is the interesting design. Not the overall table design, but rather the playing surface markings. There’s plenty of those, and they’re curved, giving this product a futuristic look.

In terms of construction…

… The Mainstreet Classics table is as structurally sound as you can get in this category. The pedestal support is great, but it’s not the only build benefit.

You also get a pretty strong motor, that is plugged in, which means you’re covered in terms of airflow stability.

Extra features?

There’s not plenty of those. You have a regular manual scoring system, and although it’s basic, its placement on the rink wall is unique, giving this product a unique look.

So where does this table fall short?

Besides the negligible marketing images, that look like they were shot in the ‘90s, there are also other downsides to mention.

First of all, as far as we can tell, the warranty on this product only covers material defects, not workmanship problems.

On top of that,

Customer support is basically inexistent, and we’ve read the reviews of a lot of customers that had problems and couldn’t reach out to anyone.


  • 42-inch tabletop air hockey table
  • Plug-in motor
  • Manual scoring


Futuristic design

Stable construction for a tabletop

Powerful motor


Useless warranty

Bad customer support


Premium Black 7-foot Air Hockey Chrome Table

Premium Black 7-foot Air Hockey Chrome Table

Isn’t this one a doozy. When I first saw this listing, I was sure it was a freestanding table.

Turns out, it just has the features and sizes of one, but it’s actually a very well designed tabletop.

What’s so great about it?

Loads of stuff.

First of all, you get the playing surface size of a regular freestanding table, which automatically means more variation in terms of game strategy.

Not only that,

But you also get the stability and steadiness of an arcade behemoth, all thanks to the pedestal legs used to stick it on a regular table.

Construction wise…

...there’s quite some technical gimmicks to take in from the product description. You get an UL-certified heavy-duty blower, powered by a regular adapter.

Moreover, the table sports a CARB certified laminate MDF playing surface, so you can be completely sure there’ll be an even and stable airflow.

The rink walls are nothing to be ashamed of, either.

They’re made out of high-grade aluminum, so you know you’ll get a good rebound.

On top of everything…

…you also get a 5-year warranty. Granted, it’s only for materials, but it’s easily above everything else on the market.

Want to talk design?

This product excels in that aspect as well.

You get a futuristic looking playing surface, with curved markings. Adding to a great look, you also get a smoothly designed railing and subtle yet strong legs.

All in a great black and white palette of colors.

So what’s the problem?

First of all, while the 5 year warranty definitely sounds good, you’ll have a hard time finding people to honor it. Customer support is virtually nonexistent.

On a different note…

… the laminate MDF makes for an attractive playing surface but gets scratched easily. This is unaesthetic, but more importantly, it could lead to bad sliding of the puck.

To wrap it up,

The four strikers that come with the table are extremely awkward to use. They have a unique design, but that’s not necessarily good. If you’re familiar with the regular pushers, you may need to also invest in a striker set.


  • 7ft tabletop air hockey table
  • Electronic scoring
  • Plug-in motor


Awesome design

Overall qualitative materials

Sturdy for a tabletop

Outstanding warranty


Bad Customer Support

Easy to scratch playing surface

Awkward strikers

w/5 Year Warranty from FamilyPoolFun.com


ZAAP Electric Ice Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring

ZAAP Electric Ice Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring

If you have a room that’s clad in beige and/or natural wood, this table will fit right in. The ZAAP Electric table comes with a unique design, but its build is not something to overlook either.

Could this be the choice for you? Let’s find out.

The main benefit of this product…

...is by far the design. Even though it’s mainly built out of MDF, the finishing gives this table a wooden look. Just laying your eyes on it makes you think “forest cabin”, and this look is supported by the subtle playing surface markings.

There’s no doubt, this air hockey table looks good.

Construction wise…

...things don’t look so bright.

While we do love that it’s a plug-in, the table is extremely fragile for the freestanding category. The legs are thin and flimsy, and the overall support structure doesn’t feel sturdy.

If you were to bend over it in a series of fast-paced games, it would definitely become less stable, maybe even break after prolonged use.

As satisfying as the electronic scoring can be, and as beautiful as the design is… these things don’t compensate for the lack of durability.

It’s not just us crying wolf!

A lot of customers reported that this table broke after a few months of use.

If you’re buying it for the children, however, it’s a very beautiful and qualitative addition to a game room.


  • 4-foot freestanding table
  • Plug-in motor
  • Electronic Scoring


Innovative design

Qualitative blower

Not durable


American Heritage 627219 Air Hockey Table

American Heritage 627219 Air Hockey Table

The American Heritage listing is proof of how misleading product pictures can be.

Not only is this not a tabletop (as you could be lead to believe from the pictures), but it’s a huge, heavy freestanding air hockey table.

Is it good?

Well, it’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it’ll do its job.

Structurally, this table holds up pretty well in a heated match. The pedestal legs do their jobs, and we don’t have anything to complain about when it comes to the quality of the materials overall.

A plug-in motor sounds good…

...because it’s a promise of strong and even airflow, but that’s not necessarily the case here.

The blower is low-quality, so you may end up with an unstable airflow - that’s a big problem for an air hockey table since the better the fan, the better the game.

If we’re to complain about the product,

We’d also like to mention the weight. This beast is 230-lbs! For an  80-inch table, that’s a lot. For the same effort (and probably money), you could get a bigger table.

This may not seem like the biggest issue, but believe us - you don’t want to underestimate how tiring and annoying the assembly process can get.

To end it on a more positive note,

We really like the design of this table.

It’s an all black beauty that features aluminum components exactly where they’re visually and technically needed.

We also like how the manual scoring system blends in with the overall aesthetic - if you’re looking for a beautiful table, you got it right here.


  • 80-inch freestanding table
  • Manual scoring
  • Plug-in motor


Beautiful all-black design



Poor blower

Weight and size disparity


Hathaway BG1157M Rapid Fire 42-in 3-in-1 Air Hockey Multi-Game Table

Hathaway BG1157M Rapid Fire 42-in 3-in-1 Air Hockey Multi-Game Table

While most multi-game tables have bulky surfaces you can add on top of your playing field, the Hathaway Rapid Fire has an interesting twist to this concept.

The other two games you can play using this air hockey table require a larger open space. You might want to play this 3-in-1 outside if you don’t have a big open space in your home.


… you have two panels you can drape to the side of the table, revealing a playing surface for either hockey or soccer. You also get a soccer ball and two hockey sticks, so you can play a tuned-down version of these games as well.

It’s obviously intended to be used by children, and we really think they’ll have a great time with the product.

Is it a good purchase?

If it’s intended to be used by kids, definitely.

But there’s more to this table that meets the eye.

Even though we like the playing surface, and how the electronic scoring add-on works perfectly, we do have a major problem with it.

Where this product falls short…

...is in terms of durability. The support structure (especially the legs) is very flimsy, and you may need to look for a different table in a matter of months.

On top of that,

Shooting pucks and soccer balls at it with the side games certainly doesn’t increase the already questionable stability.

The kids may have fun with it, but it’s certainly not the smartest financial decision.


  • 42-inches multi-game table
  • Plug-in motor
  • Electronic and manual scoring


Innovative and fun multi-game concept

Qualitative playing surface and blower

Not durable


Hathaway Stratosphere 7.5 ft. Air Hockey Table with Docking Station

Hathaway Stratosphere 7.5 ft. Air Hockey Table with Docking Station

With Stratosphere in the name, there are so many puns that could’ve been used in this product’s description.

Even if the opportunity wasn’t seized, let’s see how this product stacks up - is it worth your money?

It certainly looks good…

...and there are things we want to praise about this Hathaway.

The support structure is not the best in the world, but unless you abuse the table you should have fun games for a long period of time.

The playing surface is, again, not ice-smooth, but does its job.

Underneath the table…

...you’ll find a decent motor, that we had no notable problems with. Granted, there were portions (especially around the corners) that weren’t always aired properly, but nothing game-breaking.

All in all, it’s a fun experience.

Where this product truly shines,

Is the extra features. We just had a memory trip everytime we used it, because of the LED lights, the music, sound effects, electronic scoring - it all brought up fun times from the past.

The only thing missing was the overhead scoring panel.

Notable issues? There were some.

As you get going with this Hathaway, you’ll notice it’s extremely heavy, even for a 7.5-foot table. That’s not a huge deal, but the real struggle begins when you try to assemble it - instructions are unclear, and there are a lot of components that don’t seem to fit anywhere.

If you don’t manage to assemble it on your own…

...you’ll stumble across the last issue we want to mention - customer support. It’s really hard to come in contact with Hathaway, and when you do end up with one of their representatives, they’re not extremely helpful.

Neither of these issues is a deal-breaker but corroborated with the already meh table, they pull the score down quite a bit.


  • 7.5-foot arcade-style table
  • Plug-in motor
  • Electronic scoring


Complete nostalgia trip

Generally qualitative components


Size and weight disparity

Hard to assemble

Bad customer support.

Not Completely Sure Yet?

Before we let throw your money at one of the products, there are still a few things we’d like to mention.

Skill Level

Air Hockey is very hard to master.

Why is that?

A good strike that leads to a fine goal usually relies on proper understanding and use of angles – simply put, the puck generally hits the railing before entering the goal socket.

Nobody starts to actually calculate angles in air hockey.


The more experienced you are at this game, the more your field of vision gets accustomed with all the possible angles, and you can more efficiently score goals.

As a result, the size and type of the table should be adjusted based on your level of experience.

Please note…

That this skill discussion is only for people that have at least a slight interest in the competitive side of this game. Only take this into account if you’re a try-hard at everything you do, or if you’re planning on participating in tournaments.


Just take into account the rest of this piece.



For people that have rarely played air hockey (or are even complete noobs), we recommend a smaller playing surface than the regular 90 x 50. This is because it’s easier to understand the game and visualize possible angles with a smaller playing field.

If we talk about table type…

A tabletop or a smaller freestanding purchase should satisfy your needs, and get you going in this world.


At this point, you should consider the regular 90 x 50 table size, or even bigger. As you get accustomed to the game, a bigger playing field is not only suitable but recommended.


You just have more versatility in your game strategy and the way you approach a match.


Feel pretty confident in your air hockey skills? At this point, any table type is suited to your needs.

To state again, we still recommend a bigger playing surface, because more possibilities mean more fun – but you do you!

What you may want to take into account when purchasing an air hockey table is the tournament scene. The Air Hockey Players Association (AHPA) and the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) both have strict rules about table size, construction, as well as striker and puck build.

A good place to start…

…if you want to learn more about this is AHPA’s forum, available here.


Warranty information is (apparently) extremely hard to come by when it comes to air hockey tables.

If an Amazon listing mentions anything about the warranty, it’s usually a link to send a message to the seller.

We tried gathering some information about this…

But we had a hard time reaching sellers.

Most warranties we found offer 90 days protection for materials and workmanship, but that’s about it.

Certificates & Seals of Approval

The AHPA doesn’t offer air hockey table certifications, but there are a few things you can look for if you want third party endorsement of a product.


You can find certificates on table components, such as the UL certificate for electric blowers. It’s not a telltale of overall quality, but at least you’ll know you’re getting something that works right.



Air hockey tables available on the market right now vary a lot in terms of design.

You can get a multi-colored, kitschy small tabletop product, just as well as you can opt for a slick, simplistic black freestanding table.

With so many product designs to choose from…

You’re bound to find something you like, but you could also have a hard time setting your sights on the perfect choice.

Implicitly, a lot of people just ignore the design of a table, focusing instead on build and features.

What’s wrong with that?

Off the top of my head, nothing seemed wrong either.

But the more you think about it, the more you realize that design is an important aspect of any product choice.


Well, let’s put it this way: very few people go inside a room and think “Wow, that color palette and that proportion match this room’s theme extraordinarily”.

Rather, the effects of good interior design come unconsciously – we instantly like a room that is well designed, because our minds evolved to appreciate specific visual arrangements.

There are certain assortments that make our brains go click, and instantly love what we see.

In the same manner…

…you may be displeased with how a room looks without knowing exactly why – that’s bad interior design, and we don’t want that in a fun room.

How do you avoid this?

If you’re keen on buying an air hockey table that fits your room aesthetically, the first thing you want to look at is proportion.

The easiest way to have a well-proportioned room is to:

  • Buy a table that’s not too large or too small for your room. Just follow the instructions we provided in the Definitive Buyer’s Guide and you should be good to go.
  • Buy a table that’s similar in build to your room. More specifically, if your room is rounded, look for a table that’s not strong on corners. Just as easily, if your room follows a normal layout, buy a table that’s built with clear and pointy corners.

Another important aspect of design…

Is color, and finding the right combination can be a daunting task, even for professionals.

What you can do is follow the simple Rule of Threes.

What this entails is a limit on the number of colors you use in a room. As the name suggests, that limit is three colors per room. If you’ve already got beige, turquoise and navy blue in your room, look for a blue table.

Even more so,

You need to make sure the colors match. That’s a harder task, but to get started you can consult the graph and guide available here.

Everything you just read about interior design is based on general principles applied in the industry.

These, however, are not exclusive…

… and the number one rule in interior design is what you love. Think back to when you just loved how a room looked, and strive for that aesthetic. It may even mean ignoring everything you just read.

Design is not a fundamental part of your table-search, but as we’ve explained – it’s important for making you feel unconsciously good about a purchase.

Our top pick

Before we unveil the best air hockey table, let’s recap what we talked about today.

What you should keep in mind when choosing a table…

…Is the type of table you want, before anything else. Freestanding, tabletop, multi-game or arcade style – whatever gets your mojo working.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, do consider the size of the table, the size of your room, your skill level and the overall construction of your future purchase.

Before you throw your money one way or the other,

Also think about extra features such as sound effects or scoring, and the design of your desired air hockey table.

If you’re not bothered to struggle and find the best possible table, no worries.

We did the hard work for you, and here’s the result.

Leaders comparison
The winners

Best products from range

Best of the best

Harvil 5 Foot Air Hockey Table

When you take everything into account, the Harvil 5-foot table takes the cake. In terms of the support structure, motor, and extra features, this table impressed us. That’s something a lot of tables on this list have, but this table in particular is better in a few areas. The things that set this table apart from other products… Are subtle, but definite. First of all, the size and weight are at the sweet spot where they’re big enough to be qualitative, yet small enough to be versatile.

Moreover, Besides the pros we’ve already discussed, there’s something else we love about Harvil. They constantly take customer complaints into account and adapt their product based on that. Keep up the good work!

Best for the money

Goplus 42″ Air Powered Hockey Table Game Room Indoor Sport Electronic Scoring 2 Pushers

Want to keep the kids busy? The Goplus has you covered - it’s easy to set up and we promise loads of fun even for extended periods of time. Want to hit the puck a bit yourself? No worries. The Goplus is just as fun for adults, and sturdy enough to support an active game. Not only that… ...but it also features one of the most innovative designs out there. Everything for under 50 $.

Do you agree with our top picks? Do you have loads of fun with a hockey table that’s not on our list? We’d like to hear from you, let us know about your experience in the comments!



Frequently asked questions


What are pucks and strikers made of?

Most of the ones available on the market are built out of fairly strong plastic. More expensive choices are made out of specials resins and alloys, but the regular plastic options are just as fun.


How do I stop pucks from flying off the table?

Well, we’re not really sure, because there’s a lot of different reasons for pucks flying off the table. Most of the times, you’re either using a damaged puck or a puck that’s not the right weight and size for your table.

If replacing the puck doesn’t work, you may need to dig deeper in your pocket and replace the blower, or even the entire table.


If I want to replace my pucks and/or strikers, how do I find suitable ones?

It’s quite easy - just buy replacements that are of the same size and weight as the original set that came with the table.

If you can’t remember that, and there’s nothing on the label of your table about it, don’t worry.

Most pucks and strikers sets have that information in their product description.


What sort of power supply do I need?

If your table runs on batteries, you can usually tell just by looking at the battery cartridge.

If you have a plug-in option, regular sockets will do just fine - it’s a simple blower, not high-end lab equipment.

Beware, however! If you’re buying online, make sure the table’s cable fits your country’s standard sockets. You don’t want to wait two weeks for a delivery from the US, just to realize upon it reaching your beautiful European address that you also need to shop for an adapter now.


How do I maintain my air hockey table?

There are two important things to keep in mind.

First of all, the little holes air flows through can clog really easily. As a result, clean the playing surface regularly (never so with wax - it will clog the tiny holes) and try your best not to spill anything on it.

Once a year, you can even take a small needle and clean every single hole in your table. It’s strenuous work, but it’s worth it.

Secondly, highly competitive games mean bending over the table, quite often, and with a lot of force. As such, it doesn’t hurt to tighten the bolts every once in a while - you never know.

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