Who we are

We Are Team Bestazy

At Bestazy, we come to work every morning with a common goal in mind: To make the online shopping process easier for our audience. Our team of researchers, product testers, experts, and writers come together to deliver unbiased reviews of products that make the lives of our community members more enjoyable.

Helpful buyer’s guides and unbiased product reviews without the sales tactics.

The process

We Find The Best Products. Period.

It all starts with the research team.
They spend countless hours poring over reviews and expert opinions on each product category we review. Starting with over 30 different product options per review, our detail-oriented researchers are able to narrow this list down to the very best 10-15 products out there.
Next comes the work of our product testers. This panel of experts put the top selections through rigorous hands-on and research-based testing to make sure no consumer questions or concerns go unanswered.
Throughout the entire process, our writers are collaborating with the research team and experts so they can craft the team’s findings into a completely honest, highly informative product review. That’s where you, our audience, comes in.
And, of course, the magic doesn’t stop there.
Once a review is finished, our team continues to monitor the product categories for improvements and new products. We update our articles any time we discover a new bit of information or product we think will help our readers.

#1: We purchase the top products from each category

#2: Then put them through all kinds of tests

#3: And turn our research into useful, honest reviews

We consult real-world consumers

We speak with real-world users of the products we cover so we can provide our readers with feedback from people who actually own and use them on a daily basis.

The team

The Bestazy

Researching this many products is a lot of work. Luckily, the Bestazy team is a growing collective of the some of the brightest minds out there. We take our work seriously, but we also know how to have fun while doing it. Regardless of the role we play in the process, each and every one of us is passionate about the work we do and driven by the opportunity to help our readers.

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The team
114 Total team
23 Independent
47 Professional
14 Design team
Marko Rasic
Writer Marko Rasic
Eliah Nevski
CEO Eliah Nevski
Fletcher Adams
Writer Fletcher Adams
Meghan Byers
Writer Meghan Byers
Cassandra Lauer
Writer Cassandra Lauer
Victor Botan
Director of Development Victor Botan
Tiffany Mueller
Editorial Director Tiffany Mueller
Eugene Ivlev
Chief Operating Officer Eugene Ivlev
Theodore Cojocari
Marketing Analyst Theodore Cojocari
Egor Culcea
God of visual arts Egor Culcea
Alex Vdovichenko
Director of Photography Alex Vdovichenko
Jose Bioc
Writer Jose Bioc
Valeria Garcia
Graphic Editor Valeria Garcia
Kate Kalanchuk
Content Manager Kate Kalanchuk
Valerie Mellema
Writer Valerie Mellema
Spencer Lowe
Writer Spencer Lowe
Porutiu Theodor
Writer Porutiu Theodor
Diane Trim
Writer Diane Trim
Mahnoor Sheikh
Writer Mahnoor Sheikh
Helen Mao
Writer Helen Mao
Ruzica Mastelic
Writer Ruzica Mastelic