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7 Top-Class Night Vision Binoculars Reviews – See Clearly in the Dark in 2018


Feel blind as a bat in the dark? Brighten things up with the best night vision binoculars for your needs. Find them in our reviews after reading the buyer’s guide.

Last updateAugust 16, 2018
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Mahnoor Sheikh
Today’s expert
Mahnoor Sheikh
7 Top-Class Night Vision Binoculars Reviews – See Clearly in the Dark in 2018

Our leaders

Best of the best
SOLOMARK Night Vision Binoculars Hunting Binoculars-Digital Infrared Night Vision Hunting Binocular
5 / 5


Excellent output quality

Wide range of uses; hunting, fishing, outdoor activities

Sturdy product

Images/videos can be viewed/transferred to your TV or PC

Storage capacity is upgradeable to 32GB


Slightly expensive

Image quality gets compromised at greater distances

Need 8 AA batteries (sold separately) to operate

Learn more

Versatile usage

Packed with tons of features

Great nighttime results even in complete darkness

Easy-to-use interface

Adjustable IR and brightness levels

Photos/videos can be saved onto a micro SD card


Slightly expensive

Daytime imagery could be improved

Need 8 AA batteries (sold separately) to operate

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Best for the money
OMZER 10×42 High-powered Compact HD Binoculars
4.5 / 5


Excellent value for money

Compact and lightweight design

Comes with a carrying bag

Good field of vision

Durable construction: waterproof, skid-proof, fog-proof and shock-proof


Difficult to adjust for new users; you may end up with a dual image

Limited range of view

Doesn’t work in complete darkness

Can’t capture/save photos and videos

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Good value for money

Waterproof binoculars: floats on water and usable in rainy areas

Powers up with only 2 batteries, included in the package

Lightweight and sturdy at the same time

Bright result at night

Comes in various colors

BAK4 prism ensures a crystal clear vision


Difficult to adjust the central knob

The viewing scope is weak and known to break down after continuous use

Doesn’t come with a warranty

Doesn’t allow you to capture or save photos/videos

Doesn't auto-adjust itself during the day or nighttime

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Runners up

Also good products

4 / 5

These are Gen 1 binoculars but easily feel like Gen 2. They work relatively well at night but aren't packed with as many features as we'd like to see in an advanced binocular.

3.5 / 5

These are the most expensive night vision binoculars in our list, yet still, lack some awesome features that other models offer. Nevertheless, they do bring you good results at night.

3 / 5

These binoculars are great for daytime use but barely work at night as advertised. That's why we've put them last on our list.

How We Decided

Mahnoor Sheikh
Today’s expert
Mahnoor Sheikh

Mahnoor Sheikh is an entrepreneur, content strategist, copywriter, and graphic designer. She is also the founder of MASH, a perfectionist at heart, and an avid researcher who loves to dig into the details.

I’ve always wished for a superpower. Night vision binoculars might just be it! I could love these handy devices for a bunch of different reasons, but few things attract me more than being able to see without being seen.

General shopping guide

best night vision binocularsIf you’re looking to invest in the best night vision binoculars for your needs, you’re at the right place. We’ve reviewed a bunch of binoculars in detail to help you make the perfect choice!

Being able to see in the dark is real and it’s here, thanks to night vision technology.

Imagine observing nocturnal wildlife in its most natural state during complete darkness.

Or if you’re a detective, being able to easily track a suspect in the dead of night.

Come to think of it, the uses of night vision are endless. People rely on night vision devices for various purposes, including surveillance, tracking, military uses, or just as a hobby.

And with night vision binoculars, you also get the ability to magnify the view in addition to low-light vision!

Research You Can Trust

We carefully studied tons of different products to finally bring you this in-depth review of our favorite, shortlisted binoculars to help you clearly at night without fault.

Bestazy believes in only publishing honest and straightforward reviews. That’s why we’ve spent hours digging up product details, customer reviews, and expert opinions to paint you the most accurate picture of all the devices in our list.

Rest assured.

This is the most candid, comprehensive guide for buying your perfect pair of night vision binoculars.

The goods and the bad--we’ve got it all! ?


The 30-Second Review

Night vision technology is great. And there are multiple devices built for the very purpose of seeing in the dark.

But we love night vision binoculars for a reason.

They’re super versatile and handy. Plus, they offer night vision capabilities AND magnification features!

That’s right.

This means you can see stuff at night and zoom in, too.

But picking the right pair of binoculars can be tricky business. Especially when you have so many brands and models screaming about how their features are the best ones.

Briefly, here are some basic things to consider before buying a new pair:

  • How (and where) you’re going to use them
  • The Generation they belong to
  • Ease of use, size, and weight
  • Image quality and magnification power

You should also keep some additional factors in mind before you spend your money. Like how comfortable the device is and if it comes with adjustment options (like if you wear glasses).

You should also look out for the price point, some cool new features, storage, and safety considerations.

Remember, your binoculars are still an electronic piece of equipment and you need to care for them properly to get the most out of them.

Now that you know what to look for in your next binoculars, read on to find in-depth reviews of some of our favorite picks for this year!

Buyer’s Guide: How To Find The Best Night Vision Binoculars

Night vision binoculars have been around for quite some time now, and they’re extremely popular for a reason. No matter how dark it is, the perfect pair will help you see everything clearly without putting strain on your eyes.

But because these products are so popular, there are tons of companies selling their own different versions. With so many night vision brands and models out there, it’s easy to get confused when it comes to picking the right one.

But don’t worry.

That’s exactly why we’re here to help.

We have compiled seven of our favorite night vision binoculars out there this year to help narrow down your choices.

Before we get into that, you should know what you’re supposed to look out for when searching for an ideal pair to suit your needs.

Everybody uses night vision differently, and if you don’t know the factors you need to consider beforehand, you might never know what it is you really need.

Also, you need to be sure if you’re spending your hard-earned money on the right gadget.

Here are some factors to keep in mind before you decide to buy your dream pair of night vision binoculars:

How Night Vision Binoculars Work

It’s always good to be aware of how a certain technology works before you can pick the best device that offers it.

You don’t need to get into too much technical detail, but it’s important to know your basics.

Here are the 4 basic components of any night vision device:

  • Objective lens
  • Eyepiece
  • A photo-cathode tube
  • Power supply

Night vision binoculars essentially work by taking in ambient light, which could be infrared light, moonlight, or even starlight, through its objective lens, and passing it through the photo-cathode tube.

The tube converts the photons found in the ambient light into electrons.

These electrons are then amplified and shot against a special screen that converts them back into visible light. You can now see the view in front of you through the eyepiece of the binoculars.

Since it’s amplified, the image you see will typically look green-tinted to you.

Purpose of Use

Ask yourself:

Why am I buying these binoculars?

You need to know the purpose of your night vision binoculars before you buy one. Are you going to use them for hunting and wildlife observation?

Or are you getting one for surveillance and security purposes?

Or, just for fun?

Whatever it is, you need to know. Every type of usage requires a different set of features.

Now, ask yourself this:

Do you need night vision binoculars for professional use? Or do you just want to play with them?

If you’re serious about using them, you might want to invest a little more money and get a high-quality product equipped with some of the latest features.

If you want one just for fun, you really don’t have to spend so much money on features you’re probably never going to use. Consider getting a more basic model.

It’s also important to know the environment you’re going to use your binoculars in.

How dark is it going to be?

What’s the weather like?

If you plan on using them outdoors a lot, consider getting a model that’s weatherproof.

Most top-quality night vision binoculars are IPX-7 water-resistant, which is a wonderful feature to have. If it gets rainy, for example, you won’t have to worry about spoiling your new gadget.

Some binoculars are also shock-proof, fog-proof, and skid-proof.

If you’re going to use them for hunting or nature observation purposes, focus more on magnification power. That’s because you’ll probably be using your binoculars in a wide open environment, and chances are the animals won’t be roaming anywhere too close to you.


Generally speaking, night vision binoculars are categorized into three generations:

  • Gen 1
  • Gen 2
  • and, you guessed it…Gen 3

Now, instead of getting all techy, let’s keep it simple to help you understand the concept better.

The Generation of an night vision device basically shows the amount of power and strength that resides in it. Naturally, the higher the Gen, the higher the price tag.


Simply because each Generation is more advanced than the previous one. To break it down for you, here’s a little insight into what you should expect from each Gen:

Generation 1:

Gen 1 is the oldest of all three generations, which ultimately also makes it the most affordable one.

Naturally, the technology used in Gen 1 devices is not as advanced as those belonging to later Gens. The reason is simple. It was the very first of its kind.

Gen 1 technology was developed as early as during the 1960s when the world was emerging as a technological sphere. This was a time when military technology was experiencing a number of advancements.

Night vision technology of Gen 1 isn’t as thorough and specific as the more advanced versions, but it’s still considered great for more casual and generic use.

After all, these binoculars are the least expensive. If you don’t really care about new features and feel comfortable with a modest view at night, Gen 1 devices are probably more than good enough for you.

Here’s a general idea of what to expect with a Gen 1 device in comparison with more advanced versions:

  • Low resolution and a grainy image
  • The shortest battery life out of all three Generations
  • Overall life expectancy is around 1500 hours of use
  • The median useful sight range is around 75 yards
  • Relies on always-on IR Illuminators to operate effectively
  • The most affordable Generation out of all

Generation 2:

It really goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway.

Gen 2 night vision binoculars are much more advanced than those belonging to the older Generation.

They offer more innovative features and are designed using better technology. Naturally, this means they’re able to produce high-quality results, like sharper and clearer images.

It also means they’re a lot more expensive than Gen 1 binoculars.

Gen 2 night vision binoculars are typically used by more professional users, like the military or law enforcement. But, they can also be used by serious hunters or wildlife observers who are willing to pay a bit more for better quality.

To sum it all up, here’s what Gen 2 offers in comparison with the previous Generation:

  • Longer battery life than Gen 1 equipment
  • Better image result and resolution – crispier and brighter display
  • 3x higher overall life expectancy due to stronger materials and more protective features
  • The median useful sight range is around 200 yards
  • Able to work “passively” without the need of IR Illuminators
  • More expensive than Gen 1

Generation 3:

Gen 3 is the most advanced of all the generations we’ve seen so far. It’s equipped with the best technology to offer a top-notch viewing experience at night.

Now, the binoculars that belong to this generation are undoubtedly the most powerful in terms of built, design, and function.

But they’re also the most expensive ones out of all.

In fact, Gen 3 equipment is so expensive that it’s mostly only considered by professional users. Even the serious hunters, marksmen, or law enforcement officers only consider a pair of these binoculars if it agrees with their wallet.

Do you know what’s even cooler?

Gen 3 is also the US Military’s choice of night vision equipment. All of their binoculars and other night vision devices are infused with this advanced technology.

Now, we’d like to point out that Gen 3 gadgets aren’t going to be a part of this review. That’s because they cost thousands of dollars and cater to only a handful of professionals.

Anyway, here is a breakdown of how Gen 3 fares against its predecessors:

  • The best image quality and resolution – High clarity, brightness, and detail in extreme darkness
  • Longest viewing range – can go over 300 yards depending on model and light conditions
  • Longest battery life out of all the Generations
  • The longest overall life expectancy – expect 10,000+ hours of operation!
  • Advanced features and versatility in usage
  • Greater ability to work “passively” – without the use of IR Illuminators

Standard VS. Digital Binoculars

There are two different types of night vision binoculars.

Unlike standard units, digital binoculars usually come equipped with the feature to capture/save photos and videos of special moments.

You can also connect digital units to your computer or TV to view or transfer your files.

Versatility and Ease of Use

If you plan on using your binoculars in more than just one application or situation, pick one that’s versatile enough to adapt to your needs.

For example, if you want to use your device during both daytime and nighttime, choose a model that performs great in both light conditions.

Also, it’s equally important to buy a product you feel comfortable using and operating on your own. Generally, it’s a good idea to look for a model that comes with a user-friendly interface and a manual in case you get confused about something.

The best product for you should also be the one that requires the least hard work to get acquainted with.

Size and Weight

The ideal size and weight of your new binoculars largely depend on how you’re going to be using them. And of course, what you’re comfortable with.

A smaller device, such as one that measures around 2×24 mm, is typically lightweight and compact enough to carry around easily.

Plus, it works absolutely great for activities during the day, like bird watching or just observing nature in general.

But binoculars this small usually aren’t as effective when it comes to night vision.

For brighter results and clearer imagery at night, larger binoculars are better suited. A good size to consider is around 8×50 mm.

Larger binoculars are a great choice for hunters because they help you get a better view of your target.

But carrying around a heavyweight unit can get annoying and uncomfortable. So, find a size you’re comfortable with, but also keep in mind the quality of the output.

Generally, though, if you don’t plan on heavy use of the binoculars, we’ll recommend going with a compact, lightweight model.

However, in some cases, you might want a gadget for static usage. Some binoculars come with a tripod or a tripod mount so you don’t have to worry too much about the weight and size.

For example, if you plan on recording certain events, you might want to look for a sturdier option available with more suitable features.

Image Quality and Resolution

Not every device offers great quality output. You have to find the image quality that you’re going to be satisfied with. To determine that factor, you need to look at the resolution.

Now, a higher resolution means that the product will show you greater quality images.

Similarly, the lower the resolution, the lower the image quality. A low-resolution output is typically grainy and unclear as opposed to results with higher resolutions.

Remember, as the image quality increases, so does the cost of the night vision binoculars. Keep that in mind, and try to find a model that offers the best quality within your budget.

Now, here’s some food for thought…

In night vision imagery, the resolution tends to deteriorate towards the edges. The image is usually clearer and sharper around the center.

Magnification power

The magnification power of your night vision binoculars basically determines their ability to make far-off objects appear closer and bigger to your eyes.

Naturally, higher magnification strength will make it easier to see objects far away in greater detail.

There are multiple options available in the market, ranging anywhere from 1.0X to 30.0X. Or more.

However, you need to remember that higher magnification will also increase the cost of the device. Moreover, don’t forget that night vision is all about seeing in the dark. Not about seeing things closely.

Keep this in mind as well:

Binoculars with more than 10.0X magnification will intensify your hand movements, making it difficult to have a steady viewing experience.

Reviews: Our Favorite Night Vision Binoculars


SOLOMARK Night Vision Binoculars Hunting Binoculars-Digital Infrared Night Vision Hunting Binocular

SOLOMARK Night Vision Binoculars Hunting Binoculars-Digital Infrared Night Vision Hunting Binocular

These Solomark night vision binoculars are beefed with multiple features that allow the product to be used under different conditions, but they’re a dream come true for hunting enthusiasts.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

These binoculars feature a built-in 3W infrared LED and an 850nm illuminator, allowing for a solid display range for distances up to 1300 ft., or 400m.

The product’s IR can be switched on or off depending on use at day or night time.

You can also transfer your images to your computer or view them on your TV with the help of a USB cable that comes with the binoculars.

This product allows you to see at long distances and delivers on what it promises – an excellent display at night time.

It offers up to 7X magnification in the darkness, but the display quality gets compromised and pixels start to give way at longer distances.

But if you really want to improve the optical imagery, you can always buy a night rifle scope that will allow you to view 1080p images/video.

Sadly, the night rifle isn’t included in the package. So, if you decide to go for it, this product might end up costing you a lot more.

Back to the goodies…

Nevertheless, the 2X digital zoom and 31mm objective aperture of these Solomark binoculars offer you a top-class overall viewing experience.

The product also comes with a 4GB storage card for your photos and videos. Plus, the storage capacity is upgradable to 32GB

And, take our word for it, you’re going to want go ahead and just add the bigger SD card into your cart at the same time so you have it when your binoculars arrive.

They’re super affordable.

However, we do feel the product could’ve offered storage capacity of up to 128 or even 256 GB.

But let’s be honest.

You’re probably not going to save that many images at once. You can always transfer them to your computer when the storage is full.

These binoculars are excellent for hunting purposes because they’re sturdy and allow you to see quite clearly at nighttime. They also come with an infrared sensitive CMOS sensor and a fully multi-coated optic lens that increases light transmission of the objects and decreases glare for better image quality.

Are they just for hunters?


You can also use these binoculars for fishing, bird-watching, surveillance purposes, and even for simpler tasks like watching concerts or sports.

This product operates using 8 AA batteries that aren't included in the package. It comes with a 4GB card, a USB cable, an AV cable and a pouch for safety and traveling.


  • Large viewing screen
  • Built-in 3W Infrared LED, 850nm Infrared Illuminator
  • 5MP Photos and 640p Videos
  • Optical clarity even at long distances up to 1300ft/400m
  • 7X Magnification, 2X digital zoom, 31mm objective aperture
  • 4GB Storage Capacity; upgradeable to 32GB


Excellent output quality

Wide range of uses; hunting, fishing, outdoor activities

Sturdy product

Images/videos can be viewed/transferred to your TV or PC

Storage capacity is upgradeable to 32GB


Slightly expensive

Image quality gets compromised at greater distances

Need 8 AA batteries (sold separately) to operate


Bestguarder night vision800 7X31mm Digital Infrared Night Vision Hunting Binocular

Bestguarder night vision800 7X31mm Digital Infrared Night Vision Hunting Binocular

The night vision800 are digital IR night vision binoculars packed with tons of great features.

The best part about these binoculars is they’re super versatile! You can use them for hunting, camping, boating, fishing, caving, paintball, stargazing, rescue/recovery, security surveillance purposes, and so much more.

Let’s dig into the good stuff:

First of all, this product has a large 2-inch TFT display screen, which supports a resolution of 320x240 pixels.

With the help of a convex lens, you can easily convert this 2-inch screen into a 4-inch end-to-end display for a better viewing experience and, of course, outstanding image quality!

Here’s something cooler:

These binoculars can also be used as a live infrared surveillance camera; all you need to do is to connect them to your TV or PC.

More interesting features!

These binoculars offer incredible visibility even for longer distances with 7X magnification, a 2X digital zoom, and a 31mm objective aperture.

The ¼ CMOS image intensifier tube also does wonders for optical clarity.

Moreover, the night vision-800 is equipped with an 850NM 3W Infrared Illuminator that allows a viewing distance of up to 1300ft (or 400m) for both day and night use.

But our research found the nighttime results were much better.

Another cool thing about this product is that images and videos saved can be stamped with the date and time. So you can easily relive your favorite moments in the future.

These binoculars operate with 8 AA batteries, which are sadly not included in the package.

The runtime of these binoculars is 6 hours with the IR illuminator switched on, but they can last up to 14 hours without it.

Let’s talk about the usage…

We feel it’s fairly easy to get a hang of the night vision-800’s user interface of the night vision-800. You simply have to start browsing through the features and you’ll be surprised each time with what the product has to offer.

These binoculars come with 11 built-in languages, so you pick the one that suits you best. They also come with standard replay and viewing functions to let you browse through your photos and videos.

Yes, it’s outdoor-friendly too!

The night vision-800 is IPX4-rated, which makes it water-resistant to a certain degree. It also comes with a mountable tripod so you can steady your binoculars and capture the perfect visuals. Lastly, it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Built-in 2” TFT display; can be converted to 4” using convex lens, 320x240 resolution
  • 7X Magnification, 2X digital zoom, 31mm objective aperture
  • Built-in 850NM 3W Infrared Illuminator
  • 6 Hours continuous runtime with IR Illuminator on, 14 Hours without
  • User-friendly interface: Built-in menu, 11 languages support, replay function
  • Outdoor-friendly: IPX4 Water Resistant, Tripod mountable


Versatile usage

Packed with tons of features

Great nighttime results even in complete darkness

Easy-to-use interface

Adjustable IR and brightness levels

Photos/videos can be saved onto a micro SD card


Slightly expensive

Daytime imagery could be improved

Need 8 AA batteries (sold separately) to operate


OMZER 10×42 High-powered Compact HD Binoculars

OMZER 10×42 High-powered Compact HD Binoculars

These Omzer HD binoculars deliver exquisite quality at a surprisingly low price, which makes them all the more attractive!

Needless to say, these binoculars are missing a lot of new and cool features that most of its high-end competitors come with.

But don’t worry. We believe that the price tag of this product completely justifies what it has to offer. And might even make it your ideal choice, especially if you’re on a budget.

Let’s get into the details…

The moment you land your eyes on these night vision binoculars, you’ll know why they’re a favorite of so many customers. The product is super compact and snug with a classy, midnight black finish that enhances its beauty. It also comes with eyepiece covers for the lenses. Cute!

These binoculars offer 10X magnification and come with a 42mm objective lens that has a 307ft/1000yds field of view. Even though the field of view is slightly less than the industry average, we found the product to be very efficient.

The product features a high-class BAK-4 FMC prism, one of the best types of Porro prisms out there. Coupled with the multiple coating, this feature helps to produce crystal clear and crisp images.

Wait, there’s more!

These binoculars are super lightweight and also come with a textured rubber coat, which makes them feel extremely comfortable in your hands. This compact product also comes with a storage/ traveling bag. Super easy to carry around!

This product comes with low-light night vision goggles that let you use it even at night.

However, be careful…

At such a low price, it’s quite understandable that these binoculars are not designed to be used in complete darkness. Still, they are excellent for a daytime viewing experience.

Another downside of this product is it doesn’t come with the feature to capture photos and videos like most of its competitors in the market do.


We feel this product is a great buy for someone who is a sports enthusiast, likes to watch birds in their natural habitat, and/or likes to enjoy nature in general.

The textured rubber coat of these durable binoculars makes them skid-proof, waterproof, fog-proof and shock-proof. Talk about outdoor-friendly!

No matter how tough the conditions are, you can be sure these binoculars will work just fine.

Some extra perks…

These Omzer binoculars also feature diopter adjusting, a central focusing wheel for swift adjustment, and a hang rope design to diversify the usage of the product. They also come with a neck strap and a user manual to help you get started.

How to use this little beast:

Start off by adjusting the center-focus wheel until the left eye’s vision is crystal clear. Then, adjust the right eye lens until you get a clearer image. Finally, adjust the barrels to get a single top-quality image.


  • 10X magnification, 42mm large objective lens
  • 307ft/1000yds large field of view
  • Low-light night vision goggles
  • Top quality FMC optics: multi-coated green films lens, HD eyepiece, BAK4 prism glass
  • Adjustable eyepieces for users who wear glasses
  • Textured rubber coating
  • Diopter adjusting


Excellent value for money

Compact and lightweight design

Comes with a carrying bag

Good field of vision

Durable construction: waterproof, skid-proof, fog-proof and shock-proof


Difficult to adjust for new users; you may end up with a dual image

Limited range of view

Doesn’t work in complete darkness

Can’t capture/save photos and videos


Aomekie Ultimate 7X50 HD Military Marine Binoculars with Illuminated Rangefinder Compass

Aomekie Ultimate 7X50 HD Military Marine Binoculars with Illuminated Rangefinder Compass

These Aomekie binoculars are designed to survive the toughest of conditions. In fact, the product's rugged built even allows it to be used underwater!

This product has Nitrogen gas filled inside the binoculars telescope, which eliminates fogging and mold on the internal lens surfaces. They allow you to look clearly at the object in front of you without much hassle even in humid or extremely rainy terrains.

Let’s dig into the good stuff…

These Aomekie binoculars come with an internal rangefinder scale that tells you the exact distance and size of the object in front of you. How cool is that?

The device also features a directional compass with a viewing range of 396 ft. at 1000 yards. The viewing range is more or less similar to the industry average. But at such a competitive price, Aomekie’s binoculars certainly have an edge over most of their competitors,

The Aomekie binoculars come in various colors, such as army yellow, army black, army blue and army camo. You can also get the iconic army green variant, which has to be our favorite one, to stand out from the crowd!

There’s more!

These military binoculars feature a hi-index BAK4 prism glass, one of the most popular Porro prisms out there, and produces a bright, sharp image with vivid contrast!

Its large 22mm lens feels super comfortable on the eyes, even if you wear glasses. In fact, these binoculars are designed to protect you from eye fatigue and dizziness, while providing you with an HD viewing experience at the same time!

Great, but what about Night Vision?

Safe to say, these Aomekie binoculars deliver a top-class night vision experience!

The large 50mm objective lens of this device illuminates objects in front of you even in extremely low-light conditions, whether at dusk or dawn.

It provides excellent value for money because it's relatively cheaper than most other models. At the same time, it does what it promises.

Not only that, these binoculars are also IPX7 water-resistant! A feature that’s missing even in some of the more expensive models.

But don’t be too hasty…

Along with all of its good things, the Aomekie comes with several drawbacks and flaws as well.

First of all, we felt the built of the viewing scope was very weak. A lot of users reported that it gave way after continuous use. Since the product is not backed up by a warranty, there’s no way to raise a claim in case it breaks down.

Moreover, the binoculars don’t support the feature of capturing/saving pictures or recording videos. Also, we feel that the product’s rangefinder feature isn’t efficient enough.

You could spend some more and go for better binoculars. However, this Aomekie model still remains a favorite of many, despite some of its drawbacks.

Now, these binoculars require 2 batteries to run, which are included in the package. You also get a military carrying bag, a lens cleaning cloth, and a lanyard along with these binoculars. Not bad!


  • Internal Rangefinder Scale and Directional Compass with illumination switch
  • Hi-index BAK4 prism glass
  • Large 50mm objective lens
  • Field of view is 396ft/1000 yards
  • Durable rubber armored coating
  • IPX7 water-resistant and fog-proof


Good value for money

Waterproof binoculars: floats on water and usable in rainy areas

Powers up with only 2 batteries, included in the package

Lightweight and sturdy at the same time

Bright result at night

Comes in various colors

BAK4 prism ensures a crystal clear vision


Difficult to adjust the central knob

The viewing scope is weak and known to break down after continuous use

Doesn’t come with a warranty

Doesn’t allow you to capture or save photos/videos

Doesn't auto-adjust itself during the day or nighttime


Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 Night Vision Binocular

Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 Night Vision Binocular

The Ghost Hunter Night Vision Binoculars are engineered to meet the highest requirements and standards of the serious, professional user.

They come with the promise of producing high-quality images with a solid resolution.

Now, for the tasty details:

This product has a built-in IR illuminator to light up the objects in front of you and give you better, lively results.

As usual, you can toggle the illuminator on and off to cater to your daytime or nighttime needs.

The best part!

These binoculars offer a 2X magnification capability to give you bright, vivid images of short-range targets in low-ambient light conditions or even in total darkness.

Another great thing about these binoculars is they’re super easy to charge! All you need are 2 AAA batteries to operate the product, which are included in the package, by the way. Awesome!

So, yes, you don't really need to spend any extra bucks on power. However, we do recommend you get hold of some Lithium-ion batteries to ensure the better longevity of the binoculars.

These babies are built to last:

Built for a lifetime of use, these Ghost Hunter Binoculars feature an ergonomic design and a lightweight, durable polymer construction to ensure maximum endurance.

The device also comes with an automatic shut-off feature that turns the unit completely off when exposed to bright light sources, saving the night vision tube and ensuring years of operation.

Okay, so here’s the real deal…

Our research showed that the image output may become blurry if you don’t know how to adjust the front and back focus properly. But we believe if you spend a little more time to learn, you will end up with some pretty good results.

Since these are Gen 1 binoculars, they do have some flaws and limitations compared to other competitive counterparts in the market.

For starters, you can’t save any photos/videos like with most modern binoculars.

Nevertheless, this product lets you view objects at a distance of up to 200 feet at nighttime and we have to say, the image quality is highly impressive. The design and packaging of these binoculars may not be extravagant, but the results are nothing less than top-notch!

These night vision binoculars come with a three-year warranty on the tube, so you don’t have to worry too much in case something goes wrong. Sightmark's Limited Lifetime Warranty is also applicable to the housing. Win-win!


  • Visibility up to 200 feet at nighttime
  • 2X Magnification for bright, short-range targets
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included in the package)
  • Automatic shut-off feature; turns the unit completely off when exposed to bright light sources.


Durable and sturdy built

Auto shut-off keeps the lens safe and prolongs its life

Works really well at night

Three-year warranty on the tube, limited lifetime warranty on housing

Comes with 2 AA batteries; no need to purchase them separately


Photos/videos can’t be saved on the device

Difficult to adjust the front and back focus

Expensive, considering it has limited features


Bushnell LYNX Gen 1 Night Vision Binocular

Bushnell LYNX Gen 1 Night Vision Binocular

Bushnell is taking night vision optics to a whole new level with these Lynx Gen 1 binoculars.

These night vision binoculars support a viewing distance of up to 750 feet, which is more or less similar to the industry average.

Let’s look at the Bushnell Lynx in more detail:

First of all, these binoculars feature a built-in Infrared Illuminator for a kick-ass night viewing experience.

The product also boasts long-lasting power from just two AAA batteries, which are (sadly) not included in the package.

The Lynx Gen 1 is very comfortable to use, especially during long periods of observation and viewing. With an extra-long viewing range and a wide field of view, they're perfect for law enforcement, wildlife observation, and night surveillance and navigation purposes.

Now for the specs…

These Bushnell binoculars offer 2.5x magnification and 40mm objective lenses, which are both great features to have.

The objective lens helps in magnifying the objects in front of you enough for you to see them in great detail.

The external glass of the lenses is coated with an anti-reflective material, which makes the view during daytime much clearer and enhances infrared vision at night.

It also serves as a cover for the user so they don’t get caught or spotted by the glare on the lenses, as is the case with most other binoculars.

Considering they're a Gen 1 model, they really do work pretty well. Of course, they aren't comparable to military-grade night vision devices, but they sure do the job. Just make sure you don't expose them too much to strong light.

Now, let’s talk about the physical aspects!

These Bushnell binoculars come in a standard army black color, with an AR-coated glass on the lenses that gives it a nice, blue tint.

Right at the top of the unit, you’ll find there are two control buttons; one for the infrared beam and the other one for power.

On the back, between the two eyepieces, there's an adjustment knob for moving the eyepieces apart or together to suit your needs.

On the bottom, the product features a mount for a tripod stand, which is very helpful if you’re going for longer watch sessions, or if you are just into a hands-free experience.

But here’s the thing…

These features are all pretty cool, but only once you figure out how to use them.

According to our research, getting these binoculars to focus was the hardest part. But most customers said that once they got the hang of it, this product worked wonders for them. I guess all you need to do is spend a little time learning how to use them and you’re good to go!

We also found that the product worked better without the usage of the infrared button.

Now, even though these binoculars are super-efficient when it comes to viewing capabilities, they do come with their own set of flaws.

For one, there’ve been tons of complaints about the power (on/off) button becoming inoperative after a while.

Moreover, the product doesn’t support the feature of taking/saving photos or recording videos like most modern binoculars do. Now, why are we mentioning this here?

Well, since these binoculars lie on the upper end of the price spectrum, the feature was sort of expected. Let’s just say we found the lack of it a bit disappointing.


  • 2.5X Magnification, 40mm Objective Lenses
  • Viewing distance of up to 750m
  • Anti-Reflection coated glass
  • Infrared Illuminator for enhanced night vision
  • Gen. 1 image-intensifier tube for increasing intensity of available light
  • Tripod Mount


AR-coated lenses allow stealth and clarity

Infrared illuminator enhances vision at night


Weather resistant

Manufacturer’s warranty



The inter-ocular distance can’t be adjusted like regular binoculars

Doesn’t allow to you save photos/videos

Viewing distance of 750m is less than average considering the price

Doesn’t auto-adjust itself during day or night time


LightInTheBox Multi-coated 10X50 Waterproof Navy Binoculars Telescope with Rangefinder and Compass Ranger Finder

LightInTheBox Multi-coated 10X50 Waterproof Navy Binoculars Telescope with Rangefinder and Compass Ranger Finder

Okay, first things first.

This LightInTheBox product is built primarily as a pair of rangefinder binoculars.

However, the product does claim to come with some night vision features too.

Do they work? We’ll get into that later.

Let’s find out what this product is all about!

These binoculars work pretty well at daytime, mainly because they feature an eye relief of 23 mm and an exit pupil diameter of 7.1 mm.

Confused about what that means?

Well, it simply means these binoculars offer you a wider viewing area and your eyes won’t feel any strain as you’re trying to focus on the object in front of you. With an objective lens of 50 mm you’ll able to enjoy the view with incredibly high clarity and sharpness.

Now, these binoculars have a viewing range of up to 132m at 1000m, which is pretty average considering what other similar models in the market are offering.

Either way, you do end up with a clear short-range view. But the field of view isn’t really the best feature of this product.


The product is made up of a lightweight metal (only 0.8 kilograms) and has an IPX-7 waterproof rating, which is great!

It is also loaded with a BAK-4 prism glass, which we believe is one of the best types of Porro prisms in the market. What does it do? Well, it gives you crisp and crystal clear images. Awesome.

You’ll also find that these binoculars are fully multi-coated, which keeps the product safe. They also feature a roof prism for better object viewing clarity.

Another thing that sets this product apart from others is that it’s built with dielectric coating ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass throughout.

What about Night Vision?

These binoculars are advertised to have night vision features, but our reviews show that they aren’t really built for use at night.

So, what’s the best use for these binoculars?

So, it doesn’t come with night vision features. That doesn’t make this product useless at all.

In fact, we feel that these binoculars are great for bird watching, observing wildlife and nature, and tons of other daytime activities. You can use them to watch a game closely at the stadium or even for getting a clearer view of your favorite rock star at a concert.

Along with being waterproof, these metal-built binoculars are also covered with a non-slip rubber material that makes it easier for you to take it anywhere you like, even in rainy conditions. These two features make this product extremely outdoor-friendly!

The design of these binoculars is probably the best we’ve seen so far. This particular variant comes with a cool camouflage pattern exterior that gives it a stylish, military look.

But, you can also get them in a solid black color if you want.

These binoculars come with a carrying bag, a standard manual, a dust cover for the objective lenses, a cleaning cloth, and a place for a tripod joint. It also comes with a warranty, in case you face any problems with the equipment.


  • 10X to 14.9X Magnification
  • Field of View: 132m/1000m
  • Large 50mm objective lens
  • Fully Multi-Coated, 100% Waterproof (IPX-7), and Nitrogen Filled
  • Glimmer Night Vision Features
  • Dielectric Coating ED (Extra-low Dispersion) Glass
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip


Very outdoor-friendly – can be used in rainy or extreme temperatures

Great daytime results – useful for bird watching, concerts etc.

Good magnification level

BAK-4 prism glass ensures excellent clarity of view

Comes with a carry bag and a general set of tools for versatile usage


Not built for use at nighttime

Slightly expensive for their features

Doesn’t let you capture/save photos or videos to storage

Additional Considerations

Infrared (IR) Illuminators

Did you know? The human eye can only see a small portion of visible light that lies on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Night vision binoculars help you see better in low-lit situations by enhancing the non-visible source of electromagnetic radiation.

So, what are Infrared Illuminators? And why should you care?

IR Illuminators essentially work by shining a beam of infrared light. This light is detected by the binoculars and amplified to bring you a visible image.

Because they offer supplemental light, IR Illuminators are a must-have feature if you’re going to use your night vision device in extremely low ambient light conditions or in total darkness.

Capturing Images and Recording Videos

Some night vision binoculars, like the digital models, let you record videos and capture photos of the view in front of you. This is a great feature to have, especially if you want to keep track of your night vision experiences.

If you’re a wildlife observer, for example, you might come across some rare sights. Being able to capture and store moments like this to show your friends or family, or just for later viewing, would be a priceless perk to have!

Storage Considerations

If your device supports the feature of capturing images and recording videos, you’ll naturally need to consider the storage specifications too.

Most models with this functionality come with a removable microSD card and a USB cable. The card stores the images on the image, and you can always transfer them to a TV or your computer using the cable.

Remember, it’s always nice to have a bigger storage capacity. Especially if your binoculars record full HD videos and create/store larger file sizes.

Even if they don’t come with a spacey microSD card upon purchase, most devices support expandable storage and you can always buy a better one later.

Power Supply

Another important feature to consider before buying your binoculars is their source of power.

Night vision devices are typically powered by batteries. Now, these might come in either lithium or alkaline.

Alkaline batteries are easily available and don’t cost a lot either. You can also find Lithium batteries at your local camera shop, but they’re slightly more expensive. That’s because they also have a longer lifespan than alkaline batteries.

Some night vision binoculars also come with an onboard rechargeable battery. This is great because it saves you the trouble (and money!) of buying additional batteries over and over again.

However, do keep in mind that devices with a rechargeable battery tend to be more expensive than others.


Most night vision binoculars let you adjust the focus to see the object in front of you clearly.

Most products in the market, including the ones we’ve reviewed here, come with a central focusing wheel that’s used to focus the image clearly by adjusting both barrels at the same time.

Some binoculars, however, also feature a diopter adjustment ring that’s used to focus each barrel independently.

The diopter setting is slightly difficult to use, but it’s also a pretty useful feature for professionals. It allows the user to manually set the focus of the image being viewed and compensates any differences that may occur between the eyes.

Comfort and Adjustment

You should also consider if your night vision binoculars come with adjustment features to offer you maximum physical comfort.

The eye relief, for example, is the distance between your eye and the eyepiece for the entire field of view to be visible. If you wear glasses, longer eye relief would be more comfortable for you because it will allow you to hold the device away from your face when you’re using it.

You can also adjust the distance between both the eyepieces to suit your face in most binoculars. Simply hold the device with both hands and adjust in an upwards or downwards motion.

Lens Coating

Sometimes, the light passing through the lens of your binoculars gets reflected away. This could be light in any form, like moonlight or even a street light.

Because it reduces the amount of light that passes through the lens, the reflection might make your image seem darker.

Some night vision binoculars come with lenses that have anti-reflection coatings to ensure brighter and clearer results.

They also help you stay low-profile as light reflections might sometimes give you away at night.


Lastly, consider the entire package you’re going to get when you buy your choice of night vision binoculars.

You’re going to pay a certain price, and it’s always great to get some extra accessories and products to enhance your experience.

Most binoculars come with a storage bag for safekeeping and traveling purposes. Some models also come with a tripod, a microSD card, a USB cable, and even batteries to operate your device.

Image Enhancement VS. Thermal Imaging

People often confuse night vision technology with these two terms.

Night vision technology actually comes in two different forms. Image enhancement and thermal imaging.

However, these are not the same. Their purpose might be, but they work in totally different ways.

Image enhancement relies on existing light on the electromagnetic spectrum that might not be visible to the human eye and amplifies to form a visible image.

Thermal imaging makes use of heat to produce images. Living things, like humans and animals, emit more heat than non-living objects, which is detected by night vision devices using thermal imaging.

Here’s a short video to help explain the concept better:

How to Care for Your Night Vision Binoculars

Let’s face it. Good quality night vision binoculars do cost a certain amount of money.

If you’re going to spend so much effort and money into buying your perfect pair, you should also know how to care for it properly.

Without proper care, your night vision binoculars can end up with a much lower lifespan than promised. They might even deteriorate in terms of quality and performance over time, and you won’t get as much as what you paid for out of them.

Here’s how to properly take care of your night vision binoculars:

Exposure to Bright Light

One of the major reasons night vision binoculars get damaged is exposure to bright light.

Some night vision binoculars come with an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the device when it’s exposed to extreme light conditions. However, most don’t. Make sure you check if yours has light resistant features.

In any case, it’s always advisable to use your binoculars the way they’re meant to be used. Prolonged exposure to bright light can cause damage, even to devices that do come with light resistant features.

Humidity & Fog

Just like any other piece of electronic equipment, your night vision binoculars risk getting damaged due to prolonged exposure to fog and humidity.

However, most binoculars these days are waterproof or fog-proof. They might be a little on the expensive side, but they’re totally worth it.

Consider investing in an IPX-7 or similar model if you want a sturdier product that can last through different weather conditions.

Battery Removal

If you don’t plan on using your binoculars for more than a week, consider removing the batteries and storing them in a cool, dry place.

This prevents the batteries from leaking inside the device and damaging the internal systems. In places with high humidity levels, this precautionary step is more important than ever.

Cleaning the Lens

Make sure you properly clean the lenses of your night vision binoculars to prevent scratchy, unclear results.

Always use a soft cloth, similar to the one you typically use to clean your glasses. Using a tough, abrasive material can cause scratches on the lens and ruin the image quality in the long run.

Safety & Storage

Most night vision binoculars come with a carrying/storage bag for a reason.

Always store your device securely inside the bag if you plan on traveling, transporting it from one place to another, or even when you’re just not using it.

This helps to keep the binoculars from dropping, breaking, or general damage caused by your surroundings.

Are You Ready to See in the Dark?

With our detailed, honest reviews, you’ll find the best night vision binoculars for you in no time.

Just remember to keep in mind some important factors before you make your purchase. Always weigh the price against the features you’re actually going to use, instead of those that just sound cool.

You should also remember to consider the comfort level, size, weight, and durability of your device, and always care for it properly to prevent early damage.

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SOLOMARK Night Vision Binoculars Hunting Binoculars-Digital Infrared Night Vision Hunting Binocular

We love these digital night vision binoculars! They are super versatile and offer amazing quality. They might slightly be on the expensive side, but they're still affordable compared to some other models out there. Plus, the features you get are unmatchable. These binoculars are perfect for casual (or even professional) users who would like to purchase an all-in-one product for their nocturnal needs.

Best for the money

OMZER 10×42 High-powered Compact HD Binoculars

This little guy is so compact and lightweight, you’ll want to take it with you anywhere you go. But the best part is, it’s also the cheapest one on our list. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good quality. These binoculars are easy on your budget AND offer you HD results and excellent magnification power. If you’re looking for a cost-effective product, this is it.

Love this review? Feel free to share it with your friends or leave us a comment/suggestion below!



Frequently asked questions


How are night vision binoculars different from other night vision devices?

Unlike other night vision devices like monocular, goggles, and scopes, night vision binoculars let you both see in the dark and magnify the image to get a closer view.
Because they’re typically heftier in size and weight, and come equipped with a bigger lens, binoculars are designed to be hand-held instead of head-mounted like most other night vision devices.


How far can you see with night vision binoculars?

There’s no single answer to this question.
However, the viewing range depends on the type of model, the Generation your device belongs to, the distance between you and the object in question, and the amount of ambient light available in your surroundings.


How durable are night vision binoculars?

No matter how tough they get, night vision equipment is still made of complex and intricate systems that can get damaged if dropped.
However, the durability of your device also depends on the model you buy. Some binoculars are shock-proof and designed to endure tough conditions. We'll still advise you to handle your binoculars carefully, regardless of how tough or durable they claim to be.


What are the different applications of night vision?

There are tons of uses for night vision binoculars. They range from military and security applications to modern, everyday uses.
Some possible applications for your night vision device include the military, aviation, law enforcement, nature observation, hunting, security and surveillance, navigation, finding hidden/lost objects, entertainment, education, research, automobiles, and more.


Can I use night vision binoculars during the day?

That depends on your device. Some binoculars come with an auto-shutoff feature that automatically switches to the daytime mode when exposed to bright light.
If your night vision device doesn’t come with auto-shutoff or a daytime mode, we’d recommend not using it during the day. Exposure to bright light can cause serious damage to your device.


Is it legal to own night vision binoculars?

Yes, it’s legal to own night vision binoculars in most countries, including the US.

For use within the country, you don't require a license to own them. That's because night vision devices are used by quite a lot of people, including security guards, firemen, rescue forces, private investigators, etc.

But not every state allows the use of night vision equipment for hunting.

However, you do need an export license to take Gen 2 and higher night vision devices outside of the United States. Exporting them without a license is punishable by law.


Are night vision binoculars bad for your eyes?

Yes and no. When used in moderation, night vision binoculars aren’t dangerous. But too much of anything is bad for you, and night vision technology is no exception.

Using night vision binoculars for prolonged periods of time can cause strain on your eyes, just like staring at a computer screen for too long. Also, night vision use typically requires intense focus or concentration, such as during wildlife observation, which can also cause eye strain.

It’s always a good idea to look for ergonomic models that feel comfortable to use so you don’t strain your eyes too much.


Can I use my night vision binoculars in complete darkness?

Since image enhancement requires at least some ambient light to work, night vision can’t really work in complete darkness.
However, most night vision devices come with built-in infrared illuminators that provide supplemental light to help you see in pitch black areas.

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