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9 Best Hunting Arrow Reviews – Don’t Miss a Shot In 2018

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The world of hunting arrows can be difficult to navigate. Find the best of the best hunting arrows in this article and learn a few pointers too.

Last updateAugust 11, 2018
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Spencer Lowe
Today’s expert
Spencer Lowe
9 Best Hunting Arrow Reviews – Don’t Miss a Shot In 2018

Our leaders

Best of the best
Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrow Shaft with Dynamic Spine Control
5 / 5


Best in-class grouping

High level of accuracy

Remarkable arrow-to-arrow consistency


No vanes included

No broadheads included

Assembly required

Limited buying options

Learn more

High durability

Great penetrating power

Newest technology


Heavy arrow means shorter range

Arrowhead not included

Learn more
Best for the money
Huntingdoor Bamboo Shaft Archery Hunting Arrows Fletching; Pheasant Feathers,150-grain Broadheads
3.5 / 5




Ready to shoot


Not very durable


No options for arrowhead or vanes

Learn more

Excellent penetration

Down range accuracy

Can take down large animals

Notch and vanes included


Straightness factor is mediocre

No high-flexibility option

Not suitable for small, quick animals

Learn more
Runners up

Also good products

4.5 / 5

These hugely popular arrows have a straightness tolerance of .003. They can be bought with 300, 340, 400, and 500 spines.

4.5 / 5

These arrows use tried and true methods to perfect the traditional arrow. Note the helical feather twists, which add accuracy and range.

4 / 5

This relative standard arrow is exceptionally made and hand sorted. This product is known for durability and accuracy retention.

4 / 5

Easton has uncovered a way to pack the penetrating power of thinner arrows into this thick, high velocity arrow. It has a .004 straightness factor and comes in a 330 or 400 spine.

4 / 5

These arrows are crafted for high velocity archery and increased down range accuracy. Flatback insert means you won’t need to fiddle with notches.

Spencer Lowe
Today’s expert
Spencer Lowe

Spencer Lowe is a freelancer writing out of Lewiston, Idaho. He has written articles on banks, politics, and toilets--some of which have gone viral. Spencer has been bowhunting since childhood. He spends too much time researching arrows on the internet.

How We Decided

General shopping guide

Do you often find yourself wondering about the best way to impale small to mid-sized animals through the heart? Well, you should probably get help for that… Help from Bestazy that is, because we are here to review the best hunting arrows on the market in 2018!

Research You Can Trust

best hunting arrowsBestazy considered a wide range of products and expert opinions before narrowing down our favorite nine hunting arrows. These selected nine were then researched and tested for multiple hunting and accuracy standards.

We would never recommend a product we wouldn’t use ourselves. So rest assured, Bestazy’s research will keep you on the straight and arrow in your search for the right equipment.



The 30-Second Review

There are several quick tips which can help you decide on an arrow.

  • Firstly, remember the things that are always good.
  • A low weight tolerance will always increase consistency.
  • A low straightness tolerance will also increase consistency and improve flight trajectory.
  • And a front-heavy arrow will always be more accurate.

You should know an arrow or bolt with a low spine rating will be more firm. You’ll want a more firm arrow for big game and a less firm arrow for small game. If your arrow is too firm your grouping will skew right, and if it is too flexible it will skew left.

And never…

I said, NEVER shoot an arrow that’s too long or too short.

If an arrow is too long it will be too flexible and may even shatter when shot. If it is too short, it will fall to the ground and may even cause serious bodily harm.

Lastly, always double check whether you’re buying bolts or arrows. Bolts only function with crossbows and arrows only function with normal bows.

With these tips in mind, you can easily select the best arrow on the following list for yourself. The Carbon Express Maxima Red or Blue (depending on arrow or bolt) will likely be your best option according to these rules of arrow shopping.

Finding the Best Hunting Arrows For You

The world of hunting arrows can be difficult to navigate. In addition to normal length and weight specifications, there are a slew of arrow specifics for which there is little to no standardization. Arrow spine ratings, for instance, will vary in meaning from manufacturer to manufacturer.

This makes arrow purchases much harder to predict.

But, fear not!

Bestazy is here to give you advice on how to accurately assess how an arrow will shoot with your bow! (For recurve bow advice, see here.)

It is hugely important you end up with arrows that are meant to be shot with your bow. The quality of your arrows won’t be noticeable unless they are shot from a matching bow.

Think about it like this:

No matter how nice your shoes are it won’t matter if they don’t fit your feet.

Or, if you like food, no matter how good the pizza, you can’t appreciate it if you aren’t hungry.

Or, no matter how fun the video game, you can’t play it on a slow computer.

Okay, I think you see where I was going with that…Let’s move on!

Arrow and Draw Length Specifications

The main features to consider as you match arrows to your bow are the draw length and arrow length.

You’ll want to know your bow’s draw length before you start looking at arrows. Your bow should have specifications on this available from the manufacturer. It’s important when you buy a bow to consider your personal draw length, as well.

Why is that so important?

If your arrows length is too short, it simply won’t fit the bow. When your bow is at its full draw, the arrow will fall from the back of the stabilizer. The arrow will then hit the ground or hang from the bowstring, attached at the nock.

Don’t get caught holding a limp arrow.

An arrow that’s too long for a bow’s draw length will be shootable, however, you’ll see a more dramatic reduction in accuracy than an early morning tinkle.

This is obviously less than ideal.

A longer arrow will result in a less stiff spine. However, it’s not worth the issues it will likely cause in your archery form.

If you want that decreased stiffness, you will need to buy a bow meant for that.

Spine Rating

Once you know what length of arrow you should be shooting, you’ll want to narrow it down by spine rating.

What’s a spine rating?

The spine rating refers simply to the stiffness of the arrow. However, in practice, the desired spine rating will depend on several factors.

First, let’s look at the ratings themselves.

A spine rating will usually run anywhere from 200 to 600.

But there’s a catch.

There’s no real inherent meaning to how stiff an arrow with, say, a 340  spine rating would be. These spine ratings are usually taken by shooting an arrow and measuring the bend on impact.

What methods are used to take this measurement differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. For this reason, a spine rating is going to refer to a stiffness that is manufacturer specific. So, consider the spine rating as more of a guiding range than a true measurement of stiffness or flexibility.

How do you find the right stiffness?

Exactly how stiff you want your arrow depends mainly on what effect you want your arrow to have and what weight your bow draw is.

A more firm arrow will make less noise, and would also be preferable for a bow with a higher draw weight. More flexible arrows can’t hold up to the power of a high draw weight.

A flexible arrow would be useful for a low draw weight, as the arrow will be able to fly further and faster with less power. This is because a flexible arrow will also generally be a lighter arrow (see: Arrow Weight) .

At the end of the day, finding the right spine is going to be a game of trial and error. You can get pretty darn precise by finding ways to stay informed.

For example…

You could, oh, I don’t know, continue reading a well-researched buyer’s guide you found online.

But shooting your bow is the best way to make sure you’re using the right type of arrow. There are several well respected honing guides online.

Just remember this:

As a general rule, arrows will shoot left if they are too flexible and right if they are too stiff.

Straightness Factor

The straightness factor (also referred to as the straightness tolerance) is a measurement of how straight an arrow is guaranteed to be.

This factor is easy to access.

How so?

A more straight arrow is a better arrow.

Understanding the measurements and how to read them can require some study, however. A straightness factor will be given in terms of a maximum measurement. So the measurement given is a promise, not an average.

Nearly all arrows will fall between a straightness factor of +-.001” and +-.006”. An arrow with a +-.001” straightness tolerance is considered elite, while an arrow of +-.006” is for beginners.

When buying arrows, it’s worth it to consider how an arrows’ straightness is measured.

While the measurement itself is standardized, the method is not. The most accurate straightness tolerance measurements are taken with lasers.

Arrow Weight

The arrow weight is another crucial thing to consider in your search.

A heavier arrow will generally have better penetrating power.

A light arrow can be shot faster and from a more mobile bow.

Which is best?

What arrow weight you want depends both on your bow and what you’re hunting.

It’s important to remember your arrow weight may mean different things for different arrows. A short arrow that weighs 18 grams is much “heavier” than a long arrow that weighs the same amount.

Similarly, arrows with higher spine ratings also skew heavier.

For this reason, you never want to consider arrow weight as the primary guide when buying arrows.

Once you’ve narrowed things down by spine and length, that’s when the weight becomes useful.

If you’re hunting a larger animal, you’ll probably want the power heavier arrows pack. Additionally, experienced bowmen and women may want to go with a heavier arrow on windy days.

If you’re hunting something quick and small, you’ll want an arrow that’s equally maneuverable and fast.

Our expert advice:

Go light when hunting anything smaller than a deer.

You’ll also want to consider the weight tolerance and weight distribution of your arrow.

The weight tolerance is how much the weight of your arrows will vary from arrow to arrow. You want to keep your weight tolerance as low as possible, or your precision will decrease (See: Consistency).

Weight distribution is another cut and dry way to increase arrow quality. The more front-heavy your arrow is the better the arrow will shoot and penetrate.


Consistency may be the most important thing to keep in mind as you buy arrows. All your arrows are going to slightly differ no matter how high quality they are. Keep a close eye on the weight tolerance and straightness factor to ensure each arrow is fletched to be as similar as possible.

Even small differences in weight, flexibility, length, or straightness can create wildly different results down range.

Other Factors

Arrow width will also play a role in how an arrow shoots and impacts.

A more thick arrow is less likely to be flexible. It also reduces the penetrating power of your arrow.

A skinny arrow or bolt will have less surface area and thus less friction, so it will glide into your target with ease.

Vanes and feather are one of the last things you should consider.

But, truth be told…

They still matter quite a lot to the consistency of your arrows.

Larger vane will act as wings and guide your arrow along a straighter path. They’ll also cause the arrow to be more affected by wind, however. You may find larger vanes are more prone to damage, as well.

Vanes may also be helical, which is always a bonus. An arrow with helical twisted vanes or feathers will spin as it flies. This increases accuracy and penetration.

Hunting Arrow Reviews

Each of the following arrows are finely crafted. As long as they match your bow, they will shoot excellently and with precision.

That being said, some arrows rank more highly than others–even among the elite.

Here are Bestazy’s favorite arrows on the market in 2018:


Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrow Shaft with Dynamic Spine Control

Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrow Shaft with Dynamic Spine Control

This top of the line arrow unites the most precise measurements with the newest technology. The result is an arrow beyond normal consistency standards.

With a couple spine options, this arrow is likely the best choice regardless of your bow or expertise level.

Most arrows control the consistency of the shot by controlling the measurements of each individual arrow. If two arrows are identical and are shot under identical standards, the two arrows should have a tight grouping. With this in mind, manufacturers strive for consistency in manufacturing.

This is where it starts getting really interesting.

The Carbon Express Maxima RED with   has found another way to increase downrange consistency. You can learn more about it in this clip:

The key here is manipulating where the flexibility in the arrow lays--this is what Carbon Express calls dynamic spine control.

By containing flexibility to the center of the arrow, the arrow is made less likely to deviate from its flight path. Since the leading arrowhead doesn’t wobble, the flight path stays true.

Additionally, this arrow uses laser technology to ensure each measurement is taken with peak accuracy. So you can be sure that, in addition to this high-tech consistency, each arrow will also be constructed with traditional consistency.

In testing, this arrow is found to be a new benchmark of excellence in consistency.

Shot-for-shot you'll find each arrow penetrating with remarkable regularity. The only danger in buying these arrows is you won’t have any excuse for a loose grouping! (Consider  for increased precision.)

These arrows are well constructed. The maximum straightness factor sits at .0025, a very solid score our experts ensured us shoots true every time.

What else did the experts say?

We recommend the 340 spine variation. The reason being the effects of oscillation from increased flexibility will be minimized by the dynamic control spine discussed above.

This arrow shot cleanly in tests with an exceptionally tight grouping.

With all these things going for it, you would be hard pressed to find a better arrow on the market right now. This arrow will shoot accurately, consistently, and is durable.

You might even find yourself quivering in the face of such quality.

Warranty claims are considered on an individual basis by manufacturer Feray Dyne Outdoors. You’ll need to get a return authorization number first. Apply for one here. Return information here. It lasts five years.


  • Dynamic Spine Control
  • Laser checked measurements
  • LAUNCHPAD precision nocks


Best in-class grouping

High level of accuracy

Remarkable arrow-to-arrow consistency


No vanes included

No broadheads included

Assembly required

Limited buying options


Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak Fletched Carbon Crossbolt with R2 Vanes

Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak Fletched Carbon Crossbolt with R2 Vanes

Another high-tech arrow comes in as our second favorite hunting arrow. Several pieces of technology are put to use at Carbon Express to make this arrow not only high quality but also durable.

What really sets it apart?

Unlike most fine arrows, this bolt is built to last.

Carbon Express makes use of an exclusive spine weaving technology for stronger arrow technology. This weaving technique doesn’t come at the cost of shot quality in the way that most durable arrows do.

This diamond weave also results in deeper penetration.

Carbon Express also included their BuffTuff arrow lining technology on this model, meaning the arrow is better protected.

In tests, we found that these arrows shoot like new for much longer than average.

The arrow is made with 100% carbon construction. This means structural integrity, but also a deeper penetration and straighter flight path.

Lastly, this arrow uses dual spine technology to move the balance of the arrow forward without sacrificing range or making the arrow as a whole too heavy.

Here’s the truth:

This is probably the best crossbow bolt available on the market.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for something that doesn’t necessarily need a lot of range.

And we mean it when we say:

These bolts are highly durable.

Warranty claims are considered on an individual basis by manufacturer Feray Dyne Outdoors. You’ll need an RMA number. Apply here. Return information here. They cover manufacturer defects. It extends five years.


  • BuffTuff lining for durability
  • 100% carbon construction
  • Dual spine technology for balance
  • Diamond weave technology for strength
  • Arrowheads Included
  • Quality vanes included
  • Light-up nocks included



High durability

Great penetrating power

Newest technology


Heavy arrow means shorter range

Arrowhead not included


Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows with 2-Inch Raptor Vanes

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows with 2-Inch Raptor Vanes

This is an extremely popular arrow among hunters. Due to this popularity it now comes in a range of spine ratings, so you’ll have no trouble finding a stiffness you like.

So why are they so popular?

They have a +-.003” straightness tolerance and feature a 2-gram weight tolerance.

On top of that…

They come in four difference spine ratings.

They’re a great, no frills arrow that will shoot consistently. This product does a practical, modern arrow very well.

It is a heavy, relatively thin arrow. This gives the Hunter XT a huge amount of penetrating power for those larger animals. You’ll be able to find this arrow for any bow you’d like to shoot it out of, since it comes in so many spine ratings.

In testing, our experts unanimously agreed these arrows proved to group well.

There’s a reason these arrows are so popular:

They’re extremely good arrows.

They don’t hold the amount of technology other arrows have, but they do hold up well against high tech arrows.

Warranty information can be found in Vista Outdoor’s terms and conditions. The length of the warranty varies by location. Manufacturer defects are covered.


  • 2-inch Raptor vanes
  • Notch included

Content manager: embed video


Penetrating power

Vanes included

Large variety


Low tech

Arrowhead not include


Carbon Express PileDriver Hunter Fletched BuffTuff Carbon Arrows with 2″ Assault Vanes

Carbon Express PileDriver Hunter Fletched BuffTuff Carbon Arrows with 2″ Assault Vanes

It’s no coincidence that 3 out of 4 of Bestazy’s top picks are from Carbon Express.

They make great carbon arrows. If you’re looking for a modern front-heavy arrow that packs a punch, this is an outstanding option.

Carbon Express loves to make high-tech arrows.

And guess what?

This product is no different.

The PileDriver has some of the  Take a look at some of these features in this product demo.

The BuffTuff technology is put to work making these durable arrows. The diamond weave we saw featured on other Carbon Express models is also included.

The measurements for these arrows are laser checked, which means you can expect a high level of consistency arrow-to-arrow.

As our experts warned, this is important when it comes to shooting a nice, tight grouping.

What made us appreciate these arrows?

The most exciting thing to note about these arrows is the weight-forward technology.

Although these are relatively heavy arrows, all that weight is put to use.

You‘ll notice, as did our product testers, in using these arrows they have an outstanding flight trajectory and a strong penetrating power.

Since much of this weight sits at the very front of the arrow, they won’t suffer from any damaging wobble.

In fact, the wobble present will act as wings in the middle of your arrow. In testing, the arrows did prove to shoot along a very straight and consistent trajectory.

This arrow comes with a straightness factor of +-.005”.

Is that good?

Truthfully, it could be better.

But they seem to function well despite this.

They can be bought with a spine rating of 250 or 350, so don’t plan on shooting these out of anything with too low a draw weight.

As long as your bow works with them, you can count on these arrows to shoot straight since they are relatively firm.

These arrows are of similar quality to other Carbon Express arrows on this list. These arrows would be a good option if you’re looking for a little extra power in your shots for bigger game or heavier draw weights.

Rest assured!

The next arrow doesn’t bow out in the face of all this stiff competition.

Warranty claims are considered on an individual basis by manufacturer Feray Dyne Outdoors. You’ll need a RMA number Apply here. Return information here. Manufacturer defects are covered. This warranty will last five years.


  • BuffTuff coating
  • Diamond weave construction
  • Mossy Oak finish
  • Weight Forward technology



Excellent penetration

Down range accuracy

Can take down large animals

Notch and vanes included


Straightness factor is mediocre

No high-flexibility option

Not suitable for small, quick animals


Sage Premium Recurve Carbon Arrows; 31.5-inch

Sage Premium Recurve Carbon Arrows; 31.5-inch

These arrows have two things going for it: variability and accuracy.


They also turned out to be loud arrows, which may be a problem for downrange hunting.

These arrows come in three spine ratings and seven colors. This means you can find them for almost any bow or situation. If you’re someone who wants to pick the color of your arrows, these also allow for maximum customization.

Variability isn’t always a good thing, however.

There is no straightness or weight tolerance information available on these arrows, which means you may find these arrows lacking in consistency.

Although you may have issues with precision or grouping due to consistency, these arrows shoot in a relatively straight flight path.

How do they do it?

The helical placement of the vanes give the arrows extra spin, which keep them on a true course.

In testing these were found to be loud arrows. This can be both a problem in itself and a symptom of a larger issue.

A loud arrow will potentially notify an animal down range. If you’re shooting with enough distance, this could be enough of a startle to turn a kill into a wound.

With smaller animals you might even miss entirely.

If your arrow is too loud, it may also be too flexible. Keep in mind this arrow should probably not be shot from a bow with too heavy a draw weight.

Warranty information can be found on the seller's website here. Manufacturer defects are covered. There is however a $40 fee to process warranty claims. No warranty length was available.


  • Helical twisted vanes
  • Inserts included
  • Nocks included





All inclusive



Poor Grouping



TENPOINT Series 20-Inch Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Arrows

TENPOINT Series 20-Inch Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Tenpoint has constructed an excellent carbon crossbow bolt with some tricks up its sleeve.

The major thing to notice with this bolt is the patented Omni-Nock technology.

Omni what?

The Omni-Nock feature--it allows the hunter to quickly and easily attach any type of notch. In practice this proved to be a well constructed feature.

If you’re unsure what type of nock you would like to use, this may be a great option.

Since the rest of the arrow is relatively standard and you can expect consistent usage form arrow-to-arrow, you can safely try several types of nocks without needing different arrows.

Flat nocks, moon nocks, and capture nocks can all be easily attached and unattached from this arrow.

The new Bright-Nock 2.0 technology is united with the Omni-Nock to ensure you're able to apply your nock and find your arrow with ease regardless of the time of day.

This bolt has a guaranteed straightness of +-.003 inches.

What’s really great?

They’re hand sorted for weight meaning you can expect them to be consistent.

When we were testing out the arrows, these qualities proved to have a great effect on grouping and precision.

Additionally, the 68-grain brass insert is just heavy enough to give the arrow some really nice penetrating power without making the bolt too heavy.

The bolts ship with 3.5-inch Bohning X Vanes, which do a good job of keeping the arrows on the targeted trajectory.

However, the larger size means they may not shoot well from some crossbows.

The biggest catch?

They may also fall apart over time and need replacement. This is because larger vanes have a tendency to get caught on anything they hit. This can cause ripping even when properly used.

There is another problem with the structural integrity of these bolt as well. The Omni-Nock feature requires the arrow be built from two pieces.

The issue is there have been some reports of these arrows separating where the two parts connect.

One reviewer noted the glue didn’t appear to be of high enough quality. This would be a serious issue and likely cause the reported breaking.

TenPoint’s warranty information can be found here. Their policy covers manufacturer defects for five years, but the warranty must be activated within the first 30 days of purchase.


  • Omni-Nock
  • Bright-Nock 2.0
  • Arrowhead included
  • 3.5" Bohning X Vanes



All inclusive

Convenient nock replacement

Good craftsmanship


Could be more durable

No spine rating information


Easton Bloodline Arrow with 2-Inch Vane

Easton Bloodline Arrow with 2-Inch Vane

Easton is another trusted name in the world of archery. This bow represents their effort at a more high-tech bow.

Easton deployed one main piece of technology with this arrow.

What’s so special about that?

Their Kinetic Energy Density technology gives the arrow an edge over others. This allows these arrows to pack significant firepower in the form of penetration and velocity.

Sound like a gimmick?

We thought so too.

But, the archers we had test these arrows all agreed. They do have increased penetration and velocity. In fact, the arrows were shown to pack a huge punch from various ranges.

These arrows come in a 330 and 400 spine rating. Although this is a flexible arrow, the arrow’s tech allows it to penetrate and shoot like a much more firm arrow.

That makes the Easton Bloodline arrow versatile since it can be used for both big and small game.

These arrows are both maneuverable and powerful.

Flexible yet firm.

Quick but deep.

Additionally, these arrows have an acceptable straightness factor of +-.004. They also have an impressive weight tolerance of +-.05 grains.

Considering both of these specs, there should be little issue with consistency.

These arrows are a great option for anyone looking to for extra power without any sacrifices or if you don’t want to look for inserts, nocks, or vanes once they arrive.

Warranty information can be found at the bottom of Easton’s safety page. Easton covers manufacturer defects for one year after purchase.


  • Kinetic Energy Density technology
  • Nocks included
  • Inserts included
  • Vanes included


High velocity

Penetrating power

Multiple spine options

High tech


Spine might be overly flexible



Excalibur Diablo 18in. Carbon Arrows

Excalibur Diablo 18in. Carbon Arrows

Don’t nock this next arrow until you try it.

Although this bolt has the Excalibur name attached, Easton is largely responsible for the quality of this arrow.

With that in mind, you can expect the  as other Easton arrows, as you’ll see in this video.

Why do we love it?

This crossbow bolt gives you choice.

It can be fitted with both fixed and mechanical broadheads. The shooter is given the choice of their preference.

The bolt also makes use of a heavy front weight.

What does that mean for you?

This means it can maintain its accuracy for a longer distance. All crossbows are effective at close range. In field tests, these bolts have proven to be versatile hunting weapons.

The bolts are spined for maximum shooting speed, so they are viable for larger and smaller, quicker game.

How about its accuracy?

Several factors combine to make this an accurate bolt.

Firstly, the arrow keeps its weight in the front. No matter the projectile, this will always make it more accurate.

Second, the smaller vanes make this an excellent arrow for short range precision.

Lastly, these arrows are firm and meant to be shot from a high powered crossbow.

You can expect these arrows to fly much faster than other similar bolts. This puts more force behind the trajectory which will keep the flight path straight.

This will also give you an added penetration bonus.

Anything else?

Firm arrows are also usually more durable.

The decreased wobble when shot means the arrows will be under less stress.

Additionally, this arrow is constructed with 100% carbon. Tests have proven this product is built to last.

These are a great arrow if you want some extra range from your crossbow or if you want a durable set of bolts.

All in all, these are a great option so don’t bolt yourself to another projectile before carefully considering this one. (Can’t stop. Won’t stop.)

Excalibur’s warranty policy can be found here. The policy covers manufacturer defects for the life of the product. The product must be registered.


  • 2-inch vanes
  • Carbon construction
  • Front end weight distribution

Watch video!




Longer range than average


No insert included

Thick bolt reduces penetration


Huntingdoor Bamboo Shaft Archery Hunting Arrows Fletching; Pheasant Feathers,150-grain Broadheads

Huntingdoor Bamboo Shaft Archery Hunting Arrows Fletching; Pheasant Feathers,150-grain Broadheads

These are the most beautiful arrows on this list.

They are old school in their construction but are made with remarkable craftsmanship. They are handcrafted for increased consistency and accuracy.

Old and gorgeous, yes.

But are they good?

These are the only non-carbon arrow on this list.

They’re hand fletched from bamboo, rather than the modern carbon standard. Although bamboo doesn’t shoot as well as carbon, these arrows are so well made  it makes up for the lack of modern technology.

The bamboo lends itself to a sleek looking arrow.

Additionally, an attached 150-grain arrowhead and hand fletched pheasant vanes give the piece a true old fashioned arrow aesthetic.

But don’t let the looks fool you just yet…

Although beautiful, the outdated construction materials may cause these arrows to degrade faster than others.

Though that’s a non-issue for lovers of this classic look.


Although these arrows don't use the most modern materials or technology, they’re extremely well made.

Each spine is handcrafted and fletched, and then sorted to ensure each is up to snuff.

This arrow is truly a marvel of beauty and craftsmanship.

They are also front heavy, which is universally good for an arrow’s accuracy.

Due to their traditional construction, these arrows come ready to shoot. The arrow and nock are pre installed, and no additional cutting is need before use.

These are relatively thin arrows which means they should have a decent penetrating power despite being light.

What’s the catch then?

It’s not all good news with the old school constructions and materials. There’s no weight or straightness tolerance associated with these arrows. Which means they have no quality guarantee.

You may experience decreased consistency with some batches.

You may also notice your arrows make a lot more noise.

Bamboo is more flexible than carbon, so you are going to experience more noise on the draw and release. For this reason, these may be better arrows to use for smaller game.

Truth be told...

These arrows aren’t likely to last as long as their carbon counterparts.

Bamboo is much more prone to the microfractures that eventually degrade an arrow to the point of not being usable.

The less sturdy construction means you may also find yourself holding a broken arrow more often.

So, are they worth it?

Although these arrows forgo many modern advancements, they are still viable arrows.

If tradition or beauty is important to you, you should definitely consider these arrows. They are the most beautiful on this list and shoot at a very precise and consistent level.

No warranty information was available for this product. We reached out to the seller and will update you when we know more.


  • Pure bamboo construction
  • Fully fletched and ready for hunting
  • Hand made




Ready to shoot


Not very durable


No options for arrowhead or vanes

You Should Also Know…

Several other pieces of information may also be of use to you, and you won’t want to miss it.

Bolt or Arrow

Always double check you’re buying the right equipment.

Some links given don’t even discuss whether they are meant to be shot from a cross or recurve bow. You’ll want to carefully assess you’re in fact buying arrows for bows and bolts for crossbows.


Hunting is always going to be dangerous.

You are using a weapon to kill things, after all.

Knowing that, you need to ensure that you are being safe with all your equipment to limit your risks.

Two major malfunctions can occur from using the wrong bow.

Many, many people have been shot through the hand by using an arrow that’s too short.

If you pull it back and it falls out of the stabilizer, it would only take one wrong move to put the arrow through your hand.


You do not want that to happen.

The second thing to look out for regards spine ratings.

Using an arrow with a high spine rating in a bow with a heavy draw weight can cause the arrow to fracture or explode.

This creates a bunch of tiny pieces that are each, individually (all two million), serious and imminent threats to your ability to see.

When using a highly flexible arrow, make sure it is safe for your bow.


Most modern high-quality arrows and bolts do not include inserts (the arrowhead).

This is because most people want to customize that part of the arrow for themselves.

In addition to buying arrows, you will need to buy inserts.


In addition to inserts, some arrows will also require a cutting before they can be accurately shot.

In these cases, you’ll need to find your local hunting shop. Here, they’ll measure your bow’s draw length to ensure your arrows are cut to the proper length.

If you try to use these arrows as shipped, you’ll find your arrow far too long and flexible.

Accurate or Precise

Accuracy and precision are often used synonymously, but they actually mean two different things.

The accuracy of your arrow will depend on whether or not it goes where you want it to. A straight arrow will be more accurate because you have more control over where that arrow goes.

Precision is determined by grouping.

This is arguably far more important than accuracy.

Precision refers to the predictability of your arrows. Even if you miss the bull size, if your arrows are in a tight group, they are probably quality.

This is why a gunman’s shot is often judged by grouping–regardless of your sights, a steady hand will have a tight grouping.

Don’t bolt yet, you’ll want to know this next part!

Leaders comparison
The winners

Best products from range

Best of the best

Carbon Express Maxima RED Carbon Arrow Shaft with Dynamic Spine Control

With this in mind, you should probably be buying the Carbon Express Maxima Red right now. It’s simply the best hunting arrow on the market at the moment. It combines low tolerances with excellent materials and technology. It will shoot consistently and maintain its structural integrity for a long time.

Best for the money

Huntingdoor Bamboo Shaft Archery Hunting Arrows Fletching; Pheasant Feathers,150-grain Broadheads

They are the cheapest arrows on this list. They can be found for over half the price of some of these other arrows. They also come fully assembled with everything you need to start shooting. Most other arrows on this list lack inserts or even vanes. When you account for their craftsmanship, it becomes clear these Huntingdoor arrows are a great deal.

Remember to keep the quick tips for great arrows in mind. A firm spine is good for big and animals and heavy draws. A heavy front and low tolerances will always increase consistency. Make sure whatever you decide to shoot you do it safely. Arrows that are too short or too flexible are dangerous in certain bows. The only danger that bowhunting should present is from falling into the inescapable trap that is archery puns. What do you think? Do you disagree with my rankings? Have you seen a better arrow on the market? Comment if you think I’m wrong!



Frequently asked questions


Will bolts work with recurve or compound bows?

No. Bolts only work in crossbows.


How long do arrows last?

You can expect to need new arrows about once a year. This depends a lot on how often you use them, however.


Should I use a variety of arrows for different situations?

It would be best to find a single arrow product that works for most of your hunting situations. This is especially true if you are a beginner. It’s almost always going to be a bigger advantage to know your arrow well than to get an equipment bonus.


What is a spine rating?

A spine rating is a measure of how firm or flexible an arrow is. The lower a spine rating the more firm the arrow is. 300 is an average spine rating that would be not too flexible or firm.


What is a weight tolerance?

Weight tolerance is the amount of deviation that the manufacturer chose to allow in the arrows weight. The lower the weight tolerance, the more consistently an arrow will shoot. Always look for a low weight tolerance.


What is a straightness tolerance?

Similarly to weight tolerance, the straightness factor tells you how much the manufacturer allowed the arrow to curve. You want to minimize this number as well. Anything below .003 inches is very straight.

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