16 Practical Clippers to Keep your Hair Neat and Short Throughout 2018

best clippersIf you pay a barber or hairstylist a visit often, you know the sense of paranoia that comes with letting someone loose on your hair.

It can be sheer horror, right?

This is mostly because we’ve all had experiences where a visit to the stylist ends up tragically with a look we never imagined on ourselves. Some of these situations are so bad people end up buying their own clippers to do the job at home.

In any job, you need the right tools if you are going to get some great results, and the same rules apply to doing your own haircut. Choosing the best clippers and understanding how to use them allows you to put any style on your head in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Research You Can Trust

We dedicate a lot of time and effort to ensure our reviews help you make an informed purchase. As long as a clipper has made it into this list, it means it’s generally great. However, there are subtle differences that make one clipper better for you than all the rest.

To ensure accuracy and objectivity, we tested a sample of the products ourselves, weighed in the experiences of real-life users, as well as opinions from professionals in the hairstyling industry.

To come up with this list of the 16 best clippers in 2018, we considered different factors including pricing, physical design, quality of materials, adjustability, motor strength, portability, battery life, consumer reviews, and other variables.

How We Decided:


Best Clippers

Product NameImageBest FeatureThe "But"Overall RatingDetails
Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit Color coding makes it extremely easy to use the machine Wide blade than that of a trimmer hence may be difficult for cutting facial hair 10 Check price
Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper Powerful electromagnetic motor that cuts twice the speed of pivot motors Does not include a carrying case 9.5 Check price
OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper Cuts all hair types including wet and dry hair Few options for choosing length without buying separate guide combs 9.5 Check price
Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut Kit For Men Can cut short lengths of up to 1/16” The adjustment lever does not stay in place always 9 Check price
OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper Powerful pivot motor performs better than magnetic motors Does not include a casing 9 Check price
Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper Color-coded combs Does not include a carrying case for those who want to use it at home 9 Check price
Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper, Haircut Kit for Men Powerful motor with self-sharpening blades Sometimes the clipper appears to stop working when the adjustment bar is all the way forward 8.5 Check price
Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper  Light with a cord/cordless option Short hair gets easily stuck in the blades and may cause jamming 8.5 Check price
Wahl Clipper Home Barber Clipper Kit Three-in-one clipper with multi-cut clipper, a cordless touch-up trimmer, and a personal trimmer The protective cap is made for adults only 8.5 Check price
Remington MB4045B The Beardsman Beard Boss Full Beard Kit Includes a detail trimmer Does not come with a storage case 8 Check price
Wahl Professional Essentials Combo Includes a trimmer and a clipper in one set The AC trimmer is noisy unless well adjusted 8 Check price
Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade Ceramic blades that stay cooler for longer Does not come with a storage case 8 Check price
Conair Cord/Cordless Rechargeable 22pc. Home Haircutting Kit Option for using a cord or not Motor slows down when cutting thick hair 8 Check price
BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers Set Ceramic blades that stay cool when running Batteries fail to hold much charge over time 7.5 Check price
Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade Ceramic blades that stay cool Expensive 7.5 Check price
Wahl Professional Sterling Li Pro Clipper Chip-controlled motor delivers constant power to the blades for cutting even thick hair Expensive 7.5 Check price

Which Type Of Hair Clipper Is Right For You?

best clippers

For the most professional clippers, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars, but it will come with a set of additional accessories. However, if you’re a hairstylist, money shouldn’t be as large of a factor to you when choosing the best clippers since they are such an important tool to your job.

If you keep short hair and would like a clipper for home use, going for a simple, but good quality model will be satisfying. If you use the clipper for different styles and long, thick, or different types of hair, you better spend a little more to ensure a strong enough clipper.

The best clippers have the option of setting the desired length via an attachment or on-clipper setting and then, it’s just a matter of running the machine in the area that needs clipping.

Buyers Guide: Buying The Best Clippers For Your Needs

In order to end up with the most practical clipper for you, your loved ones, or your pet, there are a few things you should know even before beginning your search.

For example…

Experience levels

If you have experience using hair-clippers, paying a bit more for a high-quality machine that will last longer and make quality cuts is a good idea. However, if you have no idea what you’re doing you can start with a mid-range clipper model that has the features you need. Later, you can upgrade to a more expensive model based on the features you want.

Attached accessories

clippers accessoriesThe best clippers come with various blades, comb attachments, and guides that allow users to cut hair to different lengths. The attachments should be easy to mount and remove. The comb you choose will determine the length of hair that will be cut, with most clippers able to cut between 4-25mm of hair. Some can cut up to 43mm.

If you can adjust the length of the blade on your clippers, it’s always a good idea to start with the lowest level before attaching the combs, or else, you will not achieve the hair length indicated on the comb.

Who is going to be clipped?

If you intend to cut curly, thick, or long adult hair, the best option is to go for a powerful clipper that won’t get stuck.

If you’re cutting your children’s hair, then a small model that can run on batteries will suffice, just in case you want to take the mess outside.

If you have a pet that needs to be groomed often, buying a pet clipper can save you a lot of time and money. Choose the clippers with the best reviews of being quiet and without any vibrations. You do not want to scare your pet and turn this into an ugly scene.

Who’s clipping who?

When cutting your own hair, a light clipper, preferably with a swiveling head will make your job really easy to reach the sides and back of your head.

Features To Look Out For In The Best Clippers

best clippers

Quality of the motor

The power of a hair clipper depends on the type of motor installed. Cheap models usually sport weaker motors compared to more expensive ones. Some use linear motor technology whereby the motor transmits power to the blade without any friction. In such clippers, even weak batteries can still provide enough force to go through thick hair.

Size of hair clippers and guards

To pick the perfect clippers, think carefully about the styles you want to create now and in future. To cut and style different hair lengths, most products come with a choice of combs, guards, and other attachments. But some also allow you to adjust blade angles. This is useful if you want to maintain a uniform length across your whole head.

Some hair clippers have built-in settings for adjusting the length of the blades. Most will have a lever mechanism that can adjust between 0.5 and 2mm in every step.

Oils and cleaning brushes

Great hair clippers will come with a set of brushes and oils. Hair will definitely get between the blades and in the cutting head over time and can cause the blades to separate if left uncleaned. Make it a habit to remove the cutting head after each use and brush it to remove any hairs. Also, remember to oil the blades before first use and regularly after that to increase your clippers longevity.

A Look At Some Of The Hair Clippers That Will Get The Job Done

#1 Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit 79300-400T

The Wahl Color Pro is made in the USA and lives up to its reputation for being a complete home clipping tool.

It comes with a complete set of color-coded combs with a reference guide right on the side of the clipper itself. After establishing which combs you use most, all you will have to do is match the right one to the numbers printed on the side. This makes it really easy to match the correct hair comb to the setting on the machine to achieve the desired lengths.

Inside, it’s run by a powerful heavy-duty Wahl motor that produces enough power for the self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades which are able to slice through most hair types.


Not once did this clipper jam when we tested it. Even when going through thick hair. When cutting beards, the machine is a little awkward due to the large blades but it gets the job done pretty well.

Here are some of the features we found outstanding:


  • Color-coded guide combs
  • Self-Sharpening, high-carbon steel blades
  • Soft-touch grip
  • Adjustable taper lever
  • 5-year warranty

  • Product

The kit includes ten colored guide combs, a blade guard, a barber comb, a styling comb, a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and an English/Spanish styling manual. It comes with a strong storage case that fits everything neatly inside

  • Color coding makes it extremely easy to use the machine
  • Light and easy to control
  • Heavy duty Wahl motor that cuts most hair types
  • Self-sharpening, high-carbon blades stay sharper for longer

  • You might have to buy the 1/8 guide
  • Short charging cord
  • May be difficult for cutting facial hair

#2 Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

Wahl’s 5-star Balding clipper is a powerful grooming machine that fits perfectly in the hand and works smoothly to achieve clean cuts that barbers and stylists often look out for. The packaging includes two combs, three trimming attachments, a hair clipper, charging base, a cleaning brush, oil, instructions, an 8-foot long charging cord, and a red blade guard.

Even though it’s made of plastic, the 5-Star is still sturdy and compact with a visually appealing design. We found the smooth steel base and rounded cutting attachments very useful for maintaining a smooth cut and, overall, the machine is quieter than most.

The powerful electromagnetic motor installed in Wahl’s 5-Star clipper packs a lot of power and stays cool with absolutely no snagging or jamming even after running consistently for 45 minutes.

Here’s the deal:

They can cut all hair types, though it is a little difficult for facial hair due to the rather large blade sizes.

Some of the notable features include:


  • The V5000+ electromagnetic motor
  • German-milled titanium cutting blades with a self-sharpening design
  • Operates at 120 volts/60 hertz
  • Weighs only a pound

  • Product

The professional, German-milled titanium blades do not come pre-adjusted; therefore, if you run your finger along the edge, you might feel the top blade sticking out. Some users have reported cuts due to this.

If this happens…

To properly adjust them, there are two adjustment screws on the machine you can use to move the stationary bottom blade upwards. Your skin should never touch the upper moving blade. If you are still slicing your scalp, ensure you are holding this machine at the right angle.

  • Cuts really short
  • Powerful electromagnetic motor that cuts twice the speed of pivot motors

  • Does not include a carrying case
  • When not properly adjusted, the blades can slice your skin

#3 OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

The Oster Classic 76 clipper is a sleek, compact clipper designed ergonomically with a durable and textured break-resistant housing that provides easy grip. This machine is built for heavy-duty use and hence feels a little heavy, thanks to the powerful, single speed universal motor that can cut through any type of hair.

This makes it a great choice for barbers and stylists. The Oster Classic 76 can also cut through dry or wet hair as well as textured hair. The kit comes with detachable blades from size 000 to size 1, a 9-foot power cord, lubricating oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush, blade guards.

This clipper has built-in metal guards that do not pull your hair or cut your scalp.

Based on our experience:

Since the guard is not adjustable, we recommend buying a set of clip-on guards from Oster.


  • Single speed universal motor designed for heavy-duty usage
  • Detachable blades ranging from sizes 000 to 1
  • Made from break-resistant material
  • Able to cut through wet or dry hair
  • Ergonomic design and textured grip

We were able to comfortably trim thick hair for over an hour, the only issue being that the Oster Classic 76 is a bit huge and starts heating after long use.

To avoid overheating from internal friction, do this:

Press the little ball bearing on the side of the machine with your fingernails before first use and occasionally after that to prevent internal friction.

Another important tip about this clipper is that it needs to be running when placing a new blade into position to avoid any damages.
  • Can run for long periods of time
  • Cuts all hair types including wet and dry hair
  • Break-resistant textured housing for better grip and durability

  • Few options for choosing length without buying separate guide combs
  • Overheats after long use

#4 Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut Kit

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit

The Wahl Elite Pro Clipper feels a little heavy and the design is not well-contoured to sit perfectly unless you have large hands. But, one of its most striking features we found was the Secure-Fit line of guards it comes with.

The set of guards on their own will cost you a clean $35. The shortest guard is marked as no. ½ which gives you a cut length of 1/16”, much shorter than what you will find in most clippers and great for trimming beards and facial hair. Each increment in the adjustable tape lever represents a 1/16” with a maximum length of 1 inch.

This clipper is installed with self-sharpening precision blades which are more forgiving compared to surgical/fade blades that most barbers would opt for.

Inside, it has a powerful electromagnetic motor that is 15% more powerful than the normal Wahl’s Powerdrive premium brand which is able to power the blades to cut all hair types smoothly with little effort.

The kit also includes a barber comb, scissors, a cape, an apron, a power cord, a set of ten comb guides, lubrication oil, and a carrying/storage case.


  • Adjustable taper lever
  • Fitted with the Secure-Fit line of guards
  • A cut length as low as a 1/16-inch
  • Self-sharpening precision blades

  • Product

After switching it on, the clipper may make a lot of noise depending on whether the voltage setting is on low. The adjustment screw on the side of the clipper seemed to sort out the issue pretty well, however, the Wahl Elite Pro Clipper still has a lot of vibrations compared to most other clippers in the range.

We loved the carrying case.

The case in which it comes in is solid and keeps everything in place very well. As long as you keep the blades oiled and the motor clean, this clipper should last you for many years.

  • Can cut short lengths of up to 1/16”
  • Powerful motor that can cut through most hair types
  • High-quality guards that snap on and off easily

  • The adjustment lever does not always stay in place

#5 OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

The Oster Fast Feed clipper is lightweight and comes with a textured housing which provides an easy grip. It features a powerful yet quiet pivot motor that will not scare your pet or child away.

The motor runs steel blades that cut quickly and easily through any type of hair, whether thick, thin, wet, or dry. The blades can also cut through fur and are adjustable between sizes 000 and 1. The kit also includes 3 guide combs, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, lubricating oil and an 8-foot power cord. Other noteworthy features include:


  • Quiet pivot motor
  • Can cut all hair types including wet or dry hair
  • Ergonomic design

  • Product

We noticed that this clipper starts heating after about half an hour of usage, and even so, it only gets warm, not hot. The low RPM/high-torque motor ensures that this machine does not jam or pull hair regardless of its thickness.

That being said:

We found the vibrations are minimal compared to magnetic motors.

The Oster Fast Feed can also trim thick beards and other facial hairs quite well. However, keep in mind the comb guides are sold separately.

  • Can cut for long hours
  • Can cut thick hair and stubble
  • Powerful pivot motor performs better than magnetic motors

  • Does not include a casing
  • A bit heavy
  • Does not come with a full set of attachments

#6 Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

The Super Taper II clipper is a professional grade clipper with a minimal design mainly focused on performance and durability. You’ll notice this the first time it arrives in a see-through plastic casing without a storage case and with only the necessary accessories. Including eight attachment comb cutting guides that range between 1/8” and 1”, a brush, lubricating oil, a red blade guard, a manual and an 8-foot chemical resistant cord.

The clipper is powered by a v5000 electromagnetic motor which delivers enough power to the blades to smoothly to cut the toughest hair while making very little noise.

They perform well as a beard trimmer and even better as a hair cutter. The combs are color coded which makes it really easy to pick the right size. Snapping them on and off is also a piece of cake.

The switch is placed conveniently for easy on/off flicks.


If you’re concerned about weight, we’d say this pair of clippers is medium weight; not too heavy, and not too light.


  • V5000 electromagnetic motor
  • An adjustable taper lever
  • Color-coded combs for easy length settings
  • Eight attachment comb cutting guides, a brush, lubricating oil, a red blade guard, instructions, and an 8-foot cord

  • Product

One of the issues with this clipper is the taper lever does not look as sturdy and durable as it should if the machine is to be put under a lot of use, but this seems like a minor problem. The machine also gets warm by the time you are done with a long haircut but not so warm that you cannot use.

  • Can cut all hair types
  • Color-coded combs

  • The cord is a little too long and thick
  • Does not include a carrying case for those who want to use it at home

#7 Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper

Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper

The 24-piece Wahl Chrome Pro hair clipper is made of attractive, quality materials and has very little vibrations compared to other models we tried. This clipper is a bit heavy but it has a really good grip while handling, making it easy to control even when trimming beards.

It comes with 24 additional attachments including 10 adjustable guide combs, brushes, cleaning oil, and other tools you’ll find useful. It clips with razor-like precision to achieve a look that everyone will believe was from a talented stylist. It works perfectly for both thick and thin hair and is also great for a multi-layer haircut.


  • Detachable, self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades that are permanently aligned
  • Sliding thumb-operated taper control
  • Zippered storage pouch
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Designed for total body grooming and all hair types

  • Product

The clipper features high-carbon steel blades that are permanently aligned, meaning you will not have any issues trying to make the correct adjustments. For its power, the high-speed PowerDrive motor is also fairly quiet and can easily cut through thick hair.

Here’s the deal:

The sliding-thumb operated switch makes it easy to adjust the combs to the proper hair length. The zippered storage pouch that comes with the kit is also a plus, though it could have been bigger and compartmentalized since you have to cram everything inside.

  • A lot of additional accessories
  • Grooms all hair types
  • Inexpensive
  • Powerful motor with self-sharpening blades

  • The on/off switch is difficult to use
  • Sometimes the clipper appears to stop working when the adjustment bar is all the way forward

#8 Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper 

Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper

The Philips Norelco hair clipper is very light and fitted with what’s known as DualCut technology which is supposed to perform two times faster than other models in the same range.

Even though it doesn’t look very sturdy, this tool will cut through most hair types like child’s play, with a turbo power button that enhances the cutting speed in case you need more speed and torque.

However, when it comes to really thick hair, even the turbo will not be able to get the job done as well as the heavy-duty models out there.

Also, when cutting short hair, the hair tended to get stuck on the blade. We had to brush it off every so often to avoid jamming.

Just something to keep in mind.

The lithium-ion rechargeable batteries on the Philips Norelco take only an hour to charge, after which they can run for two hours straight. For longer use, you can use the machine while plugged in.

This clipper provides a length adjustment mechanism with 23 built-in settings ranging between 1-23mm with precisely 1mm between each length. For a closer shave of 0.5mm, all you need to do is remove the comb.

Here’s the kicker:

It features self-sharpening and washable titanium blades that are easy to clean and do not rust even when washed.


  • Rechargeable battery with up to 120 minutes of cordless use after an hour of charge
  • Turbo power button for increased cutting speed
  • Can cut as close as 0.5mm (1/32-inches) when the comb removed
  • Length adjustments from 1 to 23mm (3/64-inches to 7/8inches)
  • Comes with a battery light indicator

  • Product
  • Washable blades
  • 24 length adjustment settings
  • Fast charging and lasting batteries
  • Inexpensive
  • Light with a cord/cordless option

  • Cannot cut through thick hair or fur
  • Short hair gets easily stuck and may cause jamming

#9 Wahl Clipper Home Barber Clipper Kit


The Wahl Home Barber Clipper is a three-in-one machine that comes with a multi-cut clipper, a personal trimmer with two interchangeable heads, and a cordless touch-up trimmer. The clipper is powerful yet amazingly silent. It features a lightweight design and a soft touch grip which makes handling this clipper easy.

It also includes a variety of other useful accessories such as a neck duster, spray bottle, 12 guide combs from 1/8 to 1-inch long, brushes, a mirror, hair clips, scissors, oil, etc.

The touch-up trimmer together with the ear/eyebrow trim guides are able to give you a clean edge whenever you need some detailing along the neckline and around the ears.


The personal trimmer has two interchangeable heads. One that can rotate best for trimming hair in the nose and ears, and a reciprocating head best for shaping eyebrows without pulling or nicking, making it safe for beginners.

The kit includes a protective cap and a “how-to” guide with all the information about using and caring for the clipper. When you are done with the clipping and trimming, the premium storage box will keep all your items in good shape.


  • Three-in-one kit including a clipper, a cordless touch-up trimmer, and a cordless personal trimmer
  • 5-year limited warranty on the clipper and 2-year limited warranty on the trimmers
  • Adjustable taper lever
  • The trimmers run on “AA” batteries (sold separately).
  • Soft storage case

  • Product
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Powerful motor
  • Inexpensive

  • None

#10 Remington MB4045B The Beardsman Beard Boss

Remington MB4045B The Beardsman Beard Boss Full Beard Kit

The Remington Beardsman Boss is a cordless clipper that comes with all the features needed for a professional and clean beard cut. We found it to be fast, light, and not too noisy on the job with a battery that lasted several hours.

The motor inside this clipper is a bit bigger than standard NiMH rechargeable systems which mean more power and torque.

After picking the correct length setting, it’s just a matter of running the machine through the hair multiple times. The popup trimmer also works great for trimming a mustache and other areas where it’s harder to reach. This clipper arrives with 3 combs, a built-in length setting with 18 options, and a long charging cord.

The indicator light shows green when charging and it goes out when it’s done.


  • Rechargeable battery with 120 minutes of cordless cutting after four hours of charging
  • A zoom-wheel mechanism for quickly adjusting the position of the trimming combs
  • Detail trimmer for cutting facial hair
  • Quick-release blade system
  • Two-year warranty

  • Product

The lithium battery in the Remington Beardsman runs precision-cut blades and a detailed trimmer which we found to be really useful for shaving beards and other small patches of hair to a precise length. The three combs are enough to keep both a rugged beard or shorter cuts in check and the blades are easy to attach or remove with grooves that lock and snap when fitted properly.

Here’s what we recommend:

When using the Remington, start with the longest setting and work your way to the perfect length.

  • Long battery life
  • Includes a detail trimmer
  • Easy to adjust the position of trimming combs using the zoom wheel

  • Does not come with a storage case

#11 Wahl Professional Essentials Combo

Wahl Professional Essentials Combo

The Wahl Professional Essential Combo works really great and looks nice too. It combines the Taper 2000 clipper and an AC Trimmer in the package which allows for a wide range of styles.

The two are both lightweight and designed to cut through most hair types as well as facial hair. The blades are adjustable with six different settings. This clipper is powered by an electromagnetic motor that delivers enough power for blending, edging, fading, etc., using either the trimmer or clipper sets.

But, it’s not perfect.

We noticed that the trimmer can get too noisy but this can be toned down by turning the big plastic screw on the machine after reading the instructions. The kit includes four attachment combs for the clipper, a cleaning brush, oil, and blade guards for both the clipper and trimmer.

The 8-foot chemical resistant cord ensures enough freedom of movement while clipping.


  • Combines the Taper 2000 Clipper and an AC Trimmer in one.
  • Lightweight with an ergonomic design

  • Product
  • Includes a trimmer and a clipper in one set
  • Lightweight design

  • Has difficulties cutting very thick hair
  • The AC trimmer is noisy unless well adjusted

#12 Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade 

The Andis Ceramic BGRC model is a tool designed for professional barbers and stylists to perform clean and crisp cuts even for long periods of time. The moment you switch the BGRC on, you will be amazed at how silently the powerful rotary motor buzzes and just how well this machine sits in your hand, making it perfect for trimming children and pets too. It is designed 20% lighter and 10% smaller than previous models in the same range for better control and convenience.

We found this motor to be steady even while cutting thick pet hair or beard hair and the sharp ceramic blades cut smoothly and stay cool the whole time.

Based on our tests:

The BGRC model can run for hours on a day-to-day basis, making it great for professional use. In case you intend to cut different hair lengths, you will need to buy a set of Andis blade attachments to supplement the 000 cutter head that comes with the kit.

The machine can be converted to a cordless clipper using the BGRC battery pack which is sold separately. All you need to do is pop out the battery pack and pop in the cord.


  • High-speed rotary motor suited for heavy-duty usage
  • Includes #1 CeramicEdge blades
  • Works with all Andis UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades

  • Product
  • Can be converted into a cordless clipper
  • Ceramic blades stay cooler for longer
  • Very quiet

  • Does not come with a storage case

#13 Conair Cord/Cordless Rechargeable 22pc. Home Haircutting Kit

 Conair Cord/Cordless Rechargeable 22pc. Home Haircutting Kit

The Conair Cord/Cordless clipper is really light, compact, and small in size, which makes it easy to hold and glide for quick and professional cuts. The ergonomic design and sure grip also make this one of the most versatile clippers out there.

It features an optional power cord for long use and a rechargeable battery in case you want more freedom during cuts.

However, we found this machine to be a bit low on power when not plugged in and it does not increase as much even when plugged.

As a result…

We would not recommend it for very thick hair or fur. The kit includes 10 guide combs from 1/8” to 1”, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, a barber cape, a styling clip, a barber comb, scissors, blade guard, neck brush, and a storage case.


  • Cordless run time of 60-minutes
  • Chrome finish with adjustable taper control and 55 different settings for custom hair lengths
  • 5 Year limited warranty

The blades in the Conair Cord/Cordless clipper are made of stainless steel and are adjustable using the taper control that can set up to 55 different cutting positions with a simple flip of the lever depending on the length of hair you want to leave behind.

Before first use, ensure the blades are properly aligned to avoid any injuries.

  • Product
  • 55 cutting position settings
  • Option for using a cord or not
  • Inexpensive

  • Batteries have a short shelf life
  • Motor slows down when cutting thick hair

#14 BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers Set

BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers Set Cordless Rechargeable Hair clippers 

The BuySShow Quiet Professional clipper is a cordless, rechargeable clipper designed for quiet and precise performance. As advertised, the clipper is very silent with only around 50db of sound produced. Great to keep babies and pets calm during a haircut.

It comes with an R shaped, rounded edge design which makes it almost impossible to slice your skin when clipping. The precision motor is great for cutting medium and even some thick hair types too, but it slows down when cutting really thick hair so keep that in mind.

The kit includes six level comb guides, two oblique guide combs, one thinning comb, two pairs of scissors, a hairdressing cape, a charging stand, and a power adapter.

Wait, it get’s even better.

When using the machine, we found the ceramic cutters effectively prevent overheating. The attached pairs of scissors are also professional and sharp for any detailing work.

To get the guard settings right, you’ll have to spend some time with this clipper since it’s not as straightforward as other models.

The battery needs three hours to get fully charged after which they can run the clipper for about four hours.

Note that due to shipping restrictions, the clipper oil is not included in the package and you will have to buy that separately


  • Ceramic titanium blades and ceramic movable blades
  • R-shaped rounded edge design that prevents injuries
  • Low vibration and ultra-quiet design
  • Three hours charging time gives four hours of working time

  • Product
  • Cordless clipper
  • Ceramic blades that stay cool when running
  • Very quiet
  • Inexpensive

  • Batteries fail to hold much charge over time
  • Clipper oil is not included in the shipment
  • Difficult to remove attachments
  • Difficult to get the length adjustments right

#15 Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade

 Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Model BGRC

The Andis Ceramic BGR+ claims to be the most powerful cordless rotary motor clipper available and after testing the machine, we understood why. Even though this is not the most heavy-duty clipper out there, it can comfortably handle medium weight hair and even some thicker hair types too.


if you are planning to cut fur or really thick hair, this is not the clipper for you.

It includes a blade, 7 plastic attachment combs ranging from 1/16 inches through to 1 inch, a separate charging base, a storage case, 4 oz. bottle clipper oil and a manual.


  • Cordless clipper with rotary motor.
  • Rechargeable battery fully recharges in an hour and can run for one hour
  • Compatible with all Andis Ultraedge and Ceramicedge blades
  • Cuts using detachable ceramic blades that stay cooler for longer
  • Battery can be charged away from the clipper

  • Product

The BGR+ is fitted with a 60-minute runtime sense-charge rechargeable battery that takes an hour or less to fully charge. This makes it convenient to clip hair outdoors without the messy, tangling cords.

As advertised, the featured Ceramicedge blades are so much cooler than traditional blades which enhances the clipping experience. Unfortunately, there is only one blade in the kit, though you can buy all Andis Ultraedge and Ceramicedge blades separately.

The combs are designed to snap easily in and out of place and are all clearly labeled for length. Also, the heavy-duty storage case holds everything nicely in place.

  • Separate cord base that turns the machine into an electric clipper
  • A discharge feature that keeps the battery pack from developing memory
  • Ceramic blades that stay cool

  • The on/off switch is poorly made which makes it easy to turn off the machine unintentionally
  • Expensive

#16 Wahl Professional Sterling Li Pro Clipper

Wahl Professional Sterling Li Pro Clipper

As soon as we open the packaging, we noticed everything about the Wahl Professional Sterling Li Pro clipper is well made. It features a one-piece design for the housing that makes it fit well in your hands.

Always on the go?

If you’re a traveler, this could fit you very well since the charger works on both 110v and 220v too.

The design is solid and, even though it’s meant for professional barbers and stylists, this machine can be used at home thanks to its weight and cord/cordless options.

Inside, it has an internal rotary motor powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that stays charged for up to an hour and a half.


  • Lightweight design with a chip controlled rotary motor
  • Automatic recharging stand
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 75 minutes runtime
  • Five-in-one adjustable blades

  • Product

The motor is controlled by a computer chip, which ensures constant cutting power even when dealing with thick hair. The kit comes with a quick detachable blade, six slide-on cutting guides that range between 1/8” and 1”, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, instructions and a red blade guard that can be easily spotted – all made from quality and durable materials.

Not to mention:

The clipper also includes a five-in-one adjustable trimmer head that can achieve closer trims on facial hair such as the sideburns or a goatee without having to change the plastic guides.

  • Chip-controlled motor
  • Cord/cordless options for freedom and versatility
  • Charger works on both 110v and 220v.

  • Can lead to cuts if held improperly or when the blades are not well aligned
  • Expensive

Are Your Clippers Not Working Properly?

If you’re experiencing a problem with your clippers, we don’t suggest you try fixing it yourself. Especially if it involves opening up the clippers. Doing so can expose electrical wiring and components that could be potentially hazardous.

Though we’re confident the clippers we selected as the best in class will hold up for a while, we also understand things just happen sometimes.

In times like these…

It’s always nice to have a warranty to fall back on should your clippers need to be sent out for repairs. While most of the clippers came with some kind of warranty, some were better than others.

For example:

Most of the Wahl and Conair clippers featured here come with 5-year warranties. Whereas the Remington clippers only come with a 2-year warranty. Additionally, the blades that come with your clippers, or ones you purchased separately, may also be covered by a warranty. However, these are more typically for 2-years.


If you plan on keeping your clippers around for a while, this is a worthwhile consideration.


How often should I oil my clippers?

To achieve maximum performance and lifespan from your clippers, it’s recommended you oil them after each use. Clean the blades with a hygienic spray while holding the clippers with the blades facing downwards and the machine running. Add 2-3 drops of oil across the blade on the top. Make sure the oil does not enter the motor compartment, otherwise it may ruin it.

How do I best clean my blades?

After every clip, remove the blades from the clipper and brush off any hairs and dirt. Moving the cutter from side to side using your thumbs will clean the back of the cutters. After its clean, apply oil along the blades and store them well. Never use water or other liquids to clean your clippers since this may lead to rust or damage your blades.

Do I need to clean my pet before clipping?

To ensure the blades glide through your pet’s fur easily, it is advisable to thoroughly clean and brush your pet.

Why do my clippers overheat and stop cutting?

Most professional clippers with a high torque motor installed tend to generate some amount of heat naturally. This is because clippers have rather high cutting speeds, with some going up to 4500 strokes per minute.

To avoid jamming, ensure you oil your blades regularly and you stop often during clipping to brush off any hair or fur. Any piece of debris such as fur, hair, or mud can cause the clippers to jam and affect performance. This will cause extra friction and hence overheat.

Some clipper coolants also come as lubricants, blade cleaners, disinfectants, and rust preventers.

How do I best store my clippers?

After clipping, remove the blades, brushing off any hair stuck on the machine and oil the blades lightly. Never use water on your clippers. You can then store the clippers in a protective box, preferably wrapped in a greaseproof paper.

What’s the difference between a clipper and a trimmer?

Clippers generally have bigger and more powerful motors with the option to select more blades, combs, and other accessories. Trimmers are used for smaller areas such as ears, faces, chests, and for whiskers. Trimmers make it easy to complete a professional look.

10 Total Score

According to our in-depth review, we found the Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit to be the best overall clipper in 2018. The color-coded comb guides with corresponding references on the clipper itself make setting different hair lengths very easy.

It’s also powerful for pretty much all hair types with a heavy-duty motor and a textured grip. It’s cheap yet it comes with everything you need to complete a professional haircut. If you’re a beginner at hair clipping at home, you cannot go wrong with the Wahl Pro Kit.

Easy to control

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