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10 Cozy 6 Person Tent Reviews – Camp In Comfort In 2024

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10 Cozy 6 Person Tent Reviews – Camp In Comfort In 2024

In order to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family, you’ll need the best 6 person tent to keep you happy.

Best of the best Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent
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good in all kinds of weather

easy to set up (given the structure)

easy entry

great ventilation

a lot of room inside

great for extended camping


very heavy

no rainfly (single-layer)

canvass takes time to dry

Most Buying Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6
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very spacious

great for tall people

many accessories

plenty of light

good venting


set-up takes at least 20 min

no floor in the porch area

no batteries for the LED light

no good for extended rain

Best for the money Coleman Evanston Screened Tent Coleman Evanston Screened Tent
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easy set-up

good against wind

plenty of room

porch comes with flooring

offers good ventilation


window awnings block the view

heavy rain will enter the porch

guy lines can be tripped over easily

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Wenzel Evergreen Tent


Sets up easily, and offers plenty of light, but cannot handle bad weather well.

  • simple set up

  • plenty of light

  • good venting

  • sky view (because of the mesh roof)

  • some parts can break easily

  • cannot handle strong wind

  • cannot handle heavy rain

Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent


Fairly easy to set up, but it has only one door and few accessories.

  • It’s very tall

  • offers good ventilation

  • fairly easy to set up

  • small packed size

  • no vestibule

  • only one door

  • few wall pockets

COLEMAN Hampton 6


A lot of room, and great venting, but it takes a bit longer to set up.

  • plenty of room

  • offers good venting

  • stays dry

  • longer set-up

  • poles need to be attached to the body

  • no strap of hook for hanging a light

Coleman Instant Cabin


Very easy to set, and quite tall for its size, but has few pockets (and there’s no vestibule).

  • so simple to set up

  • the inside is very tall

  • good roof venting

  • few mesh pockets

  • only one door

  • a bit heavy

  • no vestibule

Kelty Outback Tent Grey


Easy to set up, but there’s only one door and no vents.

  • easy to set up

  • very tall

  • offer a lot of room

  • only one door

  • no vents

  • fiberglass poles

  • no footprint

OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent


Easy to set up, and can be split into three separate rooms, but it’s not for bad weather.

  • fairly simple to set up

  • offers plenty of room

  • offers good venting

  • can split into 3 separate rooms

  • not for bad weather

  • cannot sustain strong wind

  • can leak during heavy rain

  • tent poles can break and bend

Table of Contents

10 Cozy 6 Person Tent Reviews 2020

  1. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent
  2. Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6
  3. Coleman Evanston Screened Tent
  4. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent
  5. Wenzel Evergreen Tent
  6. Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent
  7. COLEMAN Hampton 6
  8. Coleman Instant Cabin
  9. Kelty Outback Tent Grey
  10. OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent
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    10 Cozy 6 Person Tent Reviews 2020

    Best of the best

    Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent


    What makes the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent so much better than other tents of its type is that it’s simply made for extended periods of outdoor living.

    The majority of 6 person tents out there aren’t very good if you plan on spending a long time in the outdoors. But the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent is just the right tent for that.

    Why it’s good…

    First of all, there’s the structure. It has a steel frame and a very heavy canvas, which means it’s more stable than most other 6 person tents.

    The inside of the tent is spacious with enough room for people and camping equipment. You can feel cozy and comfortable even during extended periods of rain.

    The tent also has an awning – a fantastic addition to make you comfortable when you’re outside the tent, and to protect you from the sun and rain equally.

    The perks of canvas.

    Because of the canvas walls, the air inside the tent will never be stuffy. This is where canvas excels at.

    The walls let out moisture and allow the tent to “breathe”.  Because of this, there’s practically no condensation.

    The floor and walls of the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent repel water very well, even during rain showers.

    What’s the most prominent feature of this tent?

    It can be used in all kinds of weather.

    A minor issue…

    However, there’s one small issue here.

    The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent has two doors: front and rear.

    Since the walls are positioned at a slant, some water might enter the tent during rain, but only if you use the rear door.

    If you use the front door, where the awning is, you won’t have any problems and the tent will remain dry.

    It’s also very sturdy, which means you won’t have to worry about wear and tear. It’s much more reliable than other 6 person tents.

    The set-up takes a bit of time.

    The trickiest part with handling the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent is the actual set-up. The tent is definitely heavy, and harder to set up than your average 6 person tent.

    But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible--just a bit more time-consuming.

    Nevertheless, with a bit of practice, two people can pitch the tent like a breeze.

    Many users of the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent claim they managed to set it up alone, so it’s definitely possible to go that way as well.

    And then, there’s the weight…

    This tent weighs 72 pounds (32.5 kg).

    There is no way to pack this tent inside your backpack.

    And, even if you could, carrying it would be an ordeal.

    Make sure your camping site is accessible enough to get close to it in your car, due to the weight of the tent.

    The verdict?

    If you’re looking for light camping, this isn’t the best solution.

    However, if you want to camp like an outdoor professional, and enjoy all the assets of staying in a top-notch tent, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent is definitely the way to go.

    Not to mention, Kodiak offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

    Take note though: the warranty does not include normal wear and tear, natural hazards, abuse or alterations or modifications of any kind. However, if your product is defective, you can replace it free of charge.

    Tent Care Instructions

    Owner’s Manual


    • fabric type: canvas
    • watertight and breathable
    • 2 large D-style doors
    • 4 large windows
    • 2 funnel-flow vents
    • steel poles
    • awning

      good in all kinds of weather

      easy to set up (given the structure)

      easy entry

      great ventilation

      a lot of room inside

      great for extended camping


      very heavy

      no rainfly (single-layer)

      canvass takes time to dry

    Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6


    This is one of those tents that are simply designed to give you the best time in the great outdoors.

    Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 is very spacious.

    There’s enough room for six people to feel completely comfortable--and still have more room left. The ceiling is also very high, giving you a lot of room to move around naturally.

    Is it nice though?

    Since it’s made in the cabin style, the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 offers a luxurious accommodation for camping.

    What’s immediately striking about this tent is that it has three rooms including the screened porch area.

    The customers we interviewed loved how the three separate rooms enhanced the comfort aspect.

    How many doors?

    What’s also great is that there are two doors on the tent. You have the D-style front door, for a quick exit and entry, but there is also a zippered door for going to the porch area. In addition to this, there are five windows, which are very good for protecting the tent from the rain.

    And a mesh roof…

    When it comes to the tent design, one of the best features is definitely the decision to go with the mesh roof. This way, you can enjoy the night sky, yet be completely protected from insects and other critters.

    When to use it?

    Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 is a 3-season tent, which means it’s good for use during the summer months.

    As many users have said, this tent performs well even during rainy periods.

    However, in these instances, you’ll need to put the rainfly over it, for real protection against the rain.

    Drum roll, please…

    As for the accessories, we have to mention - the screened porch!

    This addition is what makes the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 a favorite among campers.

    The porch is great because it allows you to stay away from insects, while being outside the tent.

    The porch itself wasn’t made to sustain heavy rains, but it can definitely protect you from light, passing rain.

    You don’t have to worry about your porch floor being soaking wet. However, if you want to protect the porch area, you can pull the rainfly over it – it’s designed to cover it.

    The rainfly is also great…

    The rainfly itself is the reason why this tent was named “WeatherMaster”. It can cover the entire mesh roof, and extend down to the sides, so it protects the tent from the rain.

    Nevertheless, some users have complained that the rain can come in through the main D-style door. The solution for this is probably to use the porch area as the main entry, keeping the D-style door closed when it’s raining.

    This is not something to worry about, as it will only happen when there is a lot of rain. But then again, the tent wasn’t made for extended periods of bad weather.

    Is it easy set-up?

    The structure of the tent is solid.

    The poles are made of steel and fiberglass, and they're very stable.

    The set-up is not complicated, though it will take some time, so don’t expect to finish everything in a matter of minutes.

    On average, it took our testers about 20 minutes to set up the tent.

    Definitely not a lot, given the features it has to offer.

    However, it’s definitely not possible for one person to set it up – the task will require two people, so make a note of that.

    On the other hand, it can be disassembled by one person. This will also take close to 20 minutes.

    What about accessories?

    Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 comes with a great LED light with a 3-mode setting, placed below the mesh roof.

    The great thing is it's floor switch, which means you can operate it from the tent floor. No more climbing out of your cozy sleeping bag to switch off the light! Just roll on over to the floor switch and viola!

    In addition to this, the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 comes with stakes and a storage sack.

    You can always upgrade it with more accessories, but most owners of this tent say it already offers a bunch of things a regular camper would need.


    Although two people would probably need around 20 minutes to set it up, this can amount to a bit more, especially if you’re not experienced.

    Also, the porch doesn’t have a floor. This might be good when there’s rain (because it can fall directly on the ground).


    If you want to sit on the floor, you'll definitely need something to put in there – like a tarp/footprint – in order to sit comfortably.

    The problem with the batteries…

    And finally, the LED light doesn’t come with the batteries. you'll have to purchase them separately. Many people find this irritating, because the LED light is one of the reasons why they decide to get the tent in the first place.

    Also, the tent most likely won’t perform so well during bad weather. Be sure to purchase it only if you plan on camping during the summer months

    All in all…

    Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 is a really good tent, designed to give you a comfortable camping experience. There are minor issues with it, but it’s definitely a good product.

    1-year limited warranty (proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty performance.)

    User Manual


    • fabric type: polyester
    • steel/fiberglass poles
    • porch area with screen
    • LED light
    • mesh roof
    • 2 doors
    • rainfly
    • WeatherTec waterproof

      very spacious

      great for tall people

      many accessories

      plenty of light

      good venting


      set-up takes at least 20 min

      no floor in the porch area

      no batteries for the LED light

      no good for extended rain

    Best for the money

    Coleman Evanston Screened Tent


    What’s really great is the set-up.

    It’ is fairly simple and easy. In fact, it can be done in less than 15 minutes--great if you don’t want to spend time on set-up.

    What’s also good is…

    Only one person can do the job – this is something many six person tents don’t allow.


    The Coleman Evanston Screened Tent has lots of room inside.

    You can easily fit two large mattresses in there. Plus, there’s a porch area with a screen--a feature our experts raved about.

    Especially after being sent out on one mosquito rich camping adventure during testing.

    But, what’s even better is that the porch comes with its own flooring. You won’t have to purchase an additional tarp of tent flooring.

    And you won’t be forced to sit on the grass.

    For many users, this feature alone helped them make the decision and purchase the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent for their camping trip.

    And more...

    I addition to this, the tent vents very well. That’s extremely important when camping in hot weather.

    There’s practically no condensation thanks to the four windows, which also boast a great design.

    What’s really cool is the windows come with their own awnings. The awnings are extended over the windows, protecting them from the rain, while letting the air in.

    For additional protection, you have the rainfly. And it really does the trick!

    Guess what? The structure is solid.

    The tent poles on Coleman Evanston Screened Tent are made of fiberglass, and are pretty sturdy. The accessories include mesh pockets, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your belongings.

    The poles are secured to the tent with the patented pin-and-ring system, for added protection. This is really good, because there’s no such thing as too much protection.

    What are the drawbacks?

    First of all, the window awnings kind of block the outside view. Yes, they’re great when it comes to rain protection but, it’s good to know this, especially if rain catches you.

    There’s the problem with the rainfly.

    It comes only halfway over the porch. If you encounter a lot of rain, some water will definitely get inside.

    The rainfly not being the perfect protection is what bugs most users of Coleman Evanston Screened Tent. This is why many get an additional protection - rainfly accessory.

    And finally, here’s something that shouldn’t happen if you’re careful, but it’s definitely good to know in advance.

    It’s the problem with the guy lines, holding the tent together.

    They somehow seem to be stretched too far, which can be dangerous – you might trip and fall over. This is especially dangerous at night.

    You might want to tie red flags around them to increase visibility. Or even add some clip on LED lights.

    What to do?

    So, you have two options for this: either to buy reflective guy lines (they glow in the dark and are easily visible) or simply be more careful around the tent. This is not a major issue, but it has to be addressed, for safety precautions.

    All in all…

    Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is definitely one of the better 6 person tents out there, and well-worth checking out. It’s well balanced, and has all the makings of a reliable 6 person tent.

    There is a 1-year limited warranty. You can find more information to be found here.

    Installation Manual


    • fabric type: Polyguard™
    • screened porch area
    • 4 windows
    • window awnings
    • rainfly
    • mesh pockets

      easy set-up

      good against wind

      plenty of room

      porch comes with flooring

      offers good ventilation


      window awnings block the view

      heavy rain will enter the porch

      guy lines can be tripped over easily

    CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


    If you’re in search of a reliable companion for outdoor fun, the CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is an excellent choice.

    Nowadays, so many tents have the word “freestanding” attached to them, but it turns out they're not really freestanding, after all.

    Imagine the shock when you’re in the great outdoors, and you realize your tent doesn’t do the job.

    How would you feel?

    The CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent really is a freestanding tent.

    You can pitch it anywhere you like.

    One of the best things about it is how extremely easy to handle this bad boy is.

    You can actually pitch it in a matter of minutes!

    How’s this possible?

    Well, it all comes down to the construction.

    The CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is built in such a way that it can be set up – instantly.

    Yes, instantly!

    Some users have compared the functioning of this tent to an umbrella. There is no complicated set-up involved, you just unfold it – and every part of it finds its place right away.

    An absolutely brilliant concept.

    The tent poles don’t need to be positioned by hand, because they're already there. As you as you unfold it, the CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is ready for use.

    This feature is great for those not that experienced when it comes to pitching tents.

    After all…

    Many people don’t even want to learn how to set up a tent, they just want to enjoy their camping trip.

    What’s with the name?

    Is this a cabin or a tent?

    There’s a reason why this tent has the word “cabin” attached to it. It’s designed like a cabin, to offer a lot of room to the users. It has a D-style door, which makes entry and exit very easy.

    It’s also tall and cozy.

    The walls are positioned at a steep angle, but there’s more than enough room inside to feel comfortable.

    As for the accessories, it has a gear loft and a lantern hook. Both of which come in handy. There are also several mesh pockets, where you can store your belongings, and a rainfly.

    Another great addition…

    The wall port for electricity.

    So, if you’re staying at a campsite with electricity, the wall port’s got you covered. Now we’re glamping!

    How cool is that?

    The ventilation is good, aided by ample wall openings and a mesh ceiling.


    There are certain drawbacks.

    What most users complained about is there’s no vestibule.

    So, if you want to store your gear, or bigger equipment, there is no place for that.


    The tent has only one door. Most people are okay with this, but if you like your tent to have more than one door, this isn’t the one for you.

    User Manual


    • freestanding
    • D-style door
    • rainfly
    • gear loft
    • lantern hook
    • wall pockets
    • electricity wall port)
    • ceiling vent (mesh)
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty (returns are accepted within 60 days after the original purchase date). more information to be found here.

      Easy set-up

      Fairly lightweight

      Good ventilation


      No vestibule

      Only one door

    Wenzel Evergreen Tent


    Given its size and category, I have to say that the Wenzel Evergreen Tent is very specious.

    Furthermore, the inside of the tent can be separated into two rooms, because it comes with a room divider (always a cool accessory to have).

    As opposed to many 6 person tents with only one door, the Wenzel Evergreen Tent actually has two doors next to each other. The doors are D-style, and they really facilitate the entry and exit.

    A good thing to know…

    To achieve maximum venting during the day, be sure to keep both doors open – it will pay off after nightfall.

    Moreover, if you open the windows as well, the tent will have enough air to go around, and you will have enough fresh air throughout the night..

    The mesh windows are also great.

    But wait, there’s more!

    In addition to the mesh windows, this tent also has a full-mesh roof.

    Now, this is something most campers look for in a tent.

    If you’d like to have the sky all to yourself to gaze at the stars, the full-mesh roof on the Wenzel Evergreen Tent will enable that.

    In fact, a lot of customers opted for this tent precisely because it has a full-mesh roof.

    What about the poles?

    The tent poles are multi-diameter, which means they offer you more headroom.

    The poles are made of fiberglass, and are fairly stable.

    The set-up is quite simple. Most users didn’t experience any major problems during set-up.

    Are there cool accessories?

    First of all, there’s the gear loft- a perfect place to store things.

    It’s not very common to expect from a manufacturer to simply add so many accessories included in the tent price, which is why most users find the gear loft a very pleasant surprise.


    There are two interior mesh pockets (great for personal belongings such as keys, cell phones, etc.). There’s also an electricity port--ideal if you’re camping in a public campsite.

    Any drawbacks?

    Surprisingly, the Wenzel Evergreen Tent doesn’t have that many drawbacks. In fact, most customer reviews are quite positive.

    However, the biggest problem users have encountered is its weather resistance.

    The tent is not very good when it comes to handling strong winds. If you encounter a lot of wind, don’t be surprised to experience problems with tent stability.


    Some parts are not sturdy, because they're made of poor material. You should be careful during setup, because you might unintentionally cause certain parts to break.

    And finally…

    There’s the problem with rain.

    These types of tents are made to withstand light rain, but not downpours. We got in multiple reports from our experts as well as the customers we interviewed, saying their Wenzel Evergreen Tent leak in heavy rain.

    There is a 10-year warranty on all gear.

    More Information to be found here.


    • fabric type: polyester with polyurethane coating
    • fiberglass poles
    • room divider
    • 2 D-style doors
    • 3 windows
    • multi-diameter poles
    • full-mesh roof
    • gear loft
    • 2 mesh pockets
    • electricity port
    • pre-attached guy lines for added stability

      simple set up

      plenty of light

      good venting

      sky view (because of the mesh roof)


      some parts can break easily

      cannot handle strong wind

      cannot handle heavy rain

    Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent


    This is also one of the freestanding tents, which means you can set it up in any location. It’s a three season type of tent, so it’s best to use it during the summer months.

    What’s striking about Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent is its packed size.

    When packed, it’s only 28 x 8 inches (66x20cm).

    Because of this, it’s extremely easy for handling, and you can take it with you not only in a car, but also on a motorcycle or a bicycle.

    Is it simple to set-up?

    Two people can pitch it in less than 10 minutes.

    And guess what?

    That includes the rainfly.


    Although it’s not impossible for one person to set it up, it would probably be smart to have two people handling the process.

    Once the tent is up, you'll immediately notice how tall it is.

    If you like your tent to be tall, the Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent is a great product for you. It has a D-style door, which only adds to the ease of use.

    Is it stable?

    The poles hold everything together, and you don’t have to worry about the construction falling apart.

    The tent also has an electricity wall port. It comes with a rainfly and the mesh roof makes for excellent ventilation.

    There are also wall pockets.



    The wall pockets are very high.

    There are two pairs of pockets, and the tent could definitely use some more, but the biggest complaint from the customers is that the pockets are hard to reach..


    Some people complained the tent floor is not as good as it should be.

    This can be a problem if you’re camping in rugged terrain.

    If you want to have extra protection, be sure to bring an additional tarp to place under the tent.

    The Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Tent also doesn’t resist wind well during set-up. When setting it up, be careful not to go into it while there is a lot of wind.

    As for the things it doesn’t have…

    We have to mention the vestibule. If you want this with your tent, you won’t find it.

    And there is only one door.

    Set-up Instructions

    Tent Care Tips


    • fabric type: polyester
    • freestanding
    • D-style door
    • steel/fiberglass frame
    • rainfly
    • mesh-roof ventilation

      It’s very tall

      offers good ventilation

      fairly easy to set up

      small packed size


      no vestibule

      only one door

      few wall pockets

    COLEMAN Hampton 6


    Whether you’re a family of six, or a group of friends going for a good time in the outdoors, the COLEMAN Hampton 6 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent is a really good choice for you.

    This tent is fairly simple to set up.

    But, strictly speaking, this is not an instant tent, because it takes some time to set it up. It will take you at least 20 minutes to do it.

    And you probably won’t be able to do it alone, so make sure you have help at hand. Two people will set the tent without encountering any problems.

    Why does it take 20 minutes?

    The poles are the main reason why the set-up is slower.

    They come separately, and have to be attached to the tent body.

    Some users found this feature annoying, but the truth of the matter is tent isn’t advertised as an instant tent, so you shouldn’t expect that out of it.

    To be honest…

    The set-up is really not that long. Many 6 person tents take even longer to set up, and this shouldn’t be a major complaint among the users.

    Now, once you assemble it, the COLEMAN Hampton 6 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent has a ton of features to offer.

    First of all, it’s tall enough for you to stand.

    The interior of the tent is really spacious, enough for placing two airbeds for coziness and comfort. There is really enough room for six people to enjoy themselves.

    In addition to this…

    You can separate the COLEMAN Hampton 6 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent into two smaller areas if you want to.

    How is that sorcery possible?

    There’s a room divider that comes with the tent.

    You'll be kept dry, because the tent has the WeatherTec system to protect it from the rain. Also, the WeatherTec system holds the tent tied to the ground, so you don’t have to rely solely on the stakes.

    Now, about the hinged door…

    What really sets this one apart from the rest is its hinged-door system. The tent uses a patented system for using doors, which makes the whole entry-exit much easier.

    You open and close to door very similar to a regular door – a great feature.

    Not many tents can offer this to the users.

    And the windows...

    The windows are easy to handle, as they zip open, allowing you to vent the inside of the tent and keep the air cool and fresh.

    There are two mesh pockets for storing things, but there are no hooks for hanging a light (minor issue).

    There’s a rainfly included, so you can place it over the tent for extra protection.


    If the weather’s fine, you can enjoy the sky through the mesh.

    The COLEMAN Hampton 6 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent also breathes well because of the way it’s designed.

    Again, Coleman offeres a 1-year limited warranty on their tents.


    • steel/aluminum poles
    • hinged door
    • room divider
    • WeatherTec protection
    • zip-open windows
    • rainfly
    • 2 mesh pockets

      plenty of room

      offers good venting

      stays dry


      longer set-up

      poles need to be attached to the body

      no strap of hook for hanging a light

    Coleman Instant Cabin


    This is an ideal tents if you want an easy set-up.

    It can all be done in a matter of minutes, and it’s fairly simple.

    The poles are already attached, and fixed in their position. You can literally set up the tent in less than five minutes.

    It will definitely be easier if two people do it, but even one person can do the set up –although it might take a bit more time for it.

    Built-in rainfly…

    This is one of the so-called single-layer tents, which means that the rainfly doesn’t come separate – it’s already built in.

    You don’t need another rainfly on top of it, because the tent is supposed to be waterproof.

    However, you can always get an extra rainfly, for more protection.

    Extra protection…

    The tent has inverted seams and welded floors.

    A patented system called Weather Tec is used to make the best waterproof protection.

    If there’s a lot of rain, as many users have experienced, the two roof vents need to be closed, or water will get inside the tent.

    The Coleman Instant Cabin is a 3-season, freestanding tent. You can use it throughout the summer months and pitch in in any kind of terrain.

    And plenty of room…

    With its cabin-like design, Coleman Instant Cabin offers you a lot of space inside – 120 x 107.99 x 72.01 in

    The floor size is really enough to place six sleeping bags on it.

    Although, some people have complained it’s a bit cramped with that many bags on the floor.

    But this all depends on how you want to use the tent.

    If you love to have plenty of light inside, four large windows will procure that for you.

    It's not the lightest of tents (24.9 pounds), but this has to do with the quality of materials – which is actually a good thing.

    As for the accessories…

    The Coleman Instant Cabin isn’t the richest of tents. It has only two mesh pockets, and this is something that many people complain about, because they simply expected more.

    Ventilation is good, but not during periods of extended rain. As we mentioned, when there’s a lot of rain, you’d have to close the roof vents off, and the air can get a bit stuffy.

    This tent definitely wasn’t designed to sustain periods with a lot of rain. And there is also no vestibule, which can be tricky, especially if you have to prepare food during rainy weather.

    The Instant Cabin, of course, comes equipped with Coleman’s 1-year limited warranty.

    There aren’t many accessories, that’s true. However, you can order a Coleman Tent Kit. It comes with a rubber mallet, broom and dustpan, stake puller and four tent pegs, for added tent protection.

    When it comes to quality, the Coleman Tent Kit's a bit of a mixed bag. Some customers praise it, while others complain about the quality of certain pieces, such as the stake puller. For many people, some of these things just didn’t work, because they broke too easily. But there are also many who simply loved having the kit.

    Instruction Manual


    • fabric type: taffeta, polyester, Polyguard 2X™
    • instant set-up
    • freestanding structure
    • Weather Tec waterproof protection
    • integrated rainfly with venting
    • large windows (lots of light)

      so simple to set up

      the inside is very tall

      good roof venting


      few mesh pockets

      only one door

      a bit heavy

      no vestibule

    Kelty Outback Tent Grey


    Of all the tents in the Outback series, this is the biggest one (118 x 76 x 106 in).

    It’s a 3-season tent, so - if you want to use it in colder weather, it definitely won’t be of good use to you.

    It’s freestanding, which means it’s suitable for any kind of terrain.

    It has a 2-layer design…

    There is the inner tent and the rainfly that comes on top of it.

    It’s great for families and groups of friends, because it offers enough room for a group of six people.

    The set-up is very easy…

    Because the tent is color-coded to simplify the whole process for you. You won’t have to figure things out, as everything’s laid out.

    When it comes to the design, the Kelty Outback Tent Grey is very simple, but offers a lot in return.

    The set-up is fairly easy, because there are only two poles. The tent doesn’t have to be anchored to the ground; all you have to do is put the poles in the grommets.


    For additional safety and stability, it’s smart to further attach the tent to the ground.

    Although it’s ideal if 4-5 people use it, the Kelty Outback Tent Grey definitely has enough room for 6 people to feel cozy and comfortable.

    There is only one, D-style door, but it’s big.

    Also, the vestibule is quite large, too. It can be used for storing things and camping equipment.

    The rainfly is full-coverage, meaning it goes all the way to the ground. However, there are no vents on the rainfly, and this can be a bit of a problem.

    The height is a great plus…

    With its ceiling at 76 in. (193 cm), Kelty Outback Tent Grey is a really tall tent, offering so much standing room. Also, there are six wall pockets, which can be very useful for storing things.

    The tent is waterproof, including the rainfly and the floor, which is excellent, because you never know what weather conditions you might encounter, even during summer.

    The poles are made of fiberglass.

    Remember, fiberglass is less durable than aluminum--this can be problematic if you want the best material for the poles.

    A major drawback is that the tent doesn’t come with its footprint, but it’s available as an add-on feature. The majority of users say it makes an excellent addition to Kelty Outback Tent Grey, and that it’s a great footprint. If you don’t want to go with a tarp, this feature might come in handy.

    The tent also comes with a lifetime of product warranty. Just make sure you keep your proof of purchase as Kelty reserves the right to require it in order to obtain service.

    User Manual

    Set-up Instructions


    • fabric material: mesh and polyester
    • fiberglass poles
    • freestanding
    • fairly lightweight
    • simple set-up (color-coding)
    • large D-style door (easy access)
    • full-coverage rainfly
    • internal storage pockets

      easy to set up

      very tall

      offer a lot of room


      only one door

      no vents

      fiberglass poles

      no footprint

    OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent


    The first thing most customers noticed about this tent is it’s really spacious.

    The set-up…

    It will take an average person about half an hour to pitch the tent properly. However, if two people are involved, the process will be significantly shorter and simpler – it will take about 15 minutes or so.

    The OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent has a really solid structure. It has a solid build, and can handle weather changes, but not thunderstorms.

    Many users have complained about this.

    If there’s a lot of rain, you might notice a bit of leaking after a prolonged period. H

    However, there’s the rainfly to protect you, and it really does a good job.

    What’s that mean?

    We can safely say that the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent is water-resistant…

    But not waterproof.

    Many people complain about this feature, and feel disappointed. That’s why it’s important to know what kind of product you’re purchasing.

    As for this one, don’t expect it to protect you from downpours, because it’s not even designed to do that.

    If you use it during summer months and mostly dry weather, you’ll definitely be on the safe side.


    Many customers have told us that they have indeed used  the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent even during rainy weather, and that all of their belongings and equipment remained dry.

    This most definitely depends on the exact kind of weather you encounter.

    Some people complain about the quality of the poles, saying they broke immediately.

    However, it’s very hard to comment on this, because there’s no way to make sure whether or not the set-up was done properly.

    In general…

    Tent equipment is sensitive, so, with enough pushing and pulling, you can end up breaking the poles or tearing the tent walls without even being aware of it.

    As far as the additional features are concerned, the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent is great because it has two room dividers, which are removable.

    By using the dividers, you can create three separate rooms, which is great for large groups of friends, or families who’d like to make a separate room for children.

    In addition to this…

    There’s one center door and two side doors, which is something most 6 person tents don’t offer.

    If you want added privacy, the OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent is definitely a tent for you.

    There are also six windows…

    So, the venting is very good. This is important when there are many people inside the tent, especially during hot summer nights.

    This tent definitely has its problems, but overall – it’s a good product if you want to really have plenty of room inside, but it has its issues.


    • solid build
    • 3 doors (1 main + 2 side doors)
    • 6 windows
    • 2 room dividers

      fairly simple to set up

      offers plenty of room

      offers good venting

      can split into 3 separate rooms


      not for bad weather

      cannot sustain strong wind

      can leak during heavy rain

      tent poles can break and bend

    Buyer's Guide

    The 30-Second Review

    A 6 person tent needs to be simple when it comes to set-up.

    The ease of set-up goes both for assembling and disassembling the tent. Both are equally important, and should be done in a reasonable amount of time.

    Also, your tent has to perform well in all kinds of weather. It should keep you cool when there’s a lot of heat and keep you warm when it’s cold or windy outside.


    The key is to look for a combination of features, because that’s the best way to find a quality 6 person tent.

    It’s not enough to have quality poles, if the fabric poorly made.

    Also, what good is it if the fabric is great – when the tent poles are coming apart?

    Some tents can have an array of accessories (and they can all be really useful), but it may not be the right solution for you.

    For example, you want a 4-season tent, and the tent with all the amazing accessories is only suitable for 2 seasons.

    Or, you want a tent for camping in a windy area, but the tent you want to buy doesn’t have the right build to sustain strong wind…

    It’s all important.

    These things need to find their way into your final decision.

    All in all, a practical 6 person tent is one that will make your camping better, and keep you happy throughout.

    The one that won’t cause you any headaches and that you’ll use for a number of years – without compromising the quality.


    How To Pick The Best 6 Person Tent For You

    First of all, let’s ask the main question – what are the benefits of a 6 person tent?

    A Lot More Room

    For so many people, a standard 4-person tent it simply not enough.

    Sure, an average family can fit inside a 4-person tent, but what about the camping gear and additional equipment?

    Where to store that?

    There are much bigger tents out there, but the problem is – they’re simply too big. It’s hard to carry them around and they take up way too much space.

    But a 6 person tent is just the right size.

    It has enough room for an average family and camping equipment. Plus, it’s easy to move around.

    These tents are great for groups of 5-6 people, with enough room for them to feel cozy.

    An Affordable Price

    Compared to bigger types of tents, a 6 person tent is affordable for an average family’s budget.

    A 4-person tent might appear cheaper on the surface, but it will definitely cost you more in the long run.

    You simply won’t have enough room.

    What to do next?

    In the end, you’ll have to buy another tent of the same size, which is totally impractical.

    When buying a tent, aim at getting a product you can use a great number of times.

    A tent is not a one-off type of product. It’s definitely a serious investment.

    By getting a 6 person tent you’ll save a lot of money and have the right kind of product for going camping.


    In order to be reliable and durable, a 6 person tent has to be built in a proper way. If the tent construction is not good, we can’t talk about quality.

    Here’s what makes a well made 6 person tent.


    The tent poles are extremely important because they hold the construction together. If the poles aren’t good, the tent will fall apart.

    The poles are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass.

    Aluminum poles are fairly lightweight, which makes them ideal for longer trips. They’re reliable in all kinds of weather, warm and cold.

    Here’s why:

    Aluminum is an alloy, and it doesn’t break that easily.

    It’s extremely flexible. If the weather conditions are bad (for example, during rainstorms) aluminum might bend a little bit – but it won’t break.

    This is a major advantage.


    The only real drawback to aluminum is it can corrode over time. However, this doesn’t always happen, so don’t expect your aluminum tent poles to corrode.

    Nowadays, aluminum poles have a protective coating, which significantly lowers the chance of corrosion. But aluminum does wear a bit over time.

    On the other hand…

    Fiberglass poles are usually cheaper than aluminum poles, and they don’t corrode.

    However, when it comes to durability – fiberglass isn’t as strong and reliable as aluminum, and it can break more easily.

    That can be a bit of a problem, because…

    In order to be strong, a fiberglass pole has to be a lot thicker than an aluminum one. Also, fiberglass is more brittle, which can be a problem in cold temperatures.

    Over time, fiberglass tent poles will shatter – this is something that won’t happen to aluminum.

    Here’s the deal…

    If you’re on a shoestring budget, you can go with fiberglass poles – just make sure they’re thick enough to support the tent.


    The poles are just first base. The next key element is the tent fabric.

    The quality of the fabric will determine whether your tent is any good or not. And we’ve come a long way–no longer do we need to rely on caribou skins to make a tent.

    If the fabric is not good, the tent will be leak rain and develop moisture. Also, the tent would be more prone to damage, because bad fabric tears quite easily.

    Now, get this…

    These days, tents are made of all kinds of materials, and they all have their pros and cons.

    This is why it’s important for the tent to have a good material, but also material reinforcements.

    Reinforcements will protect the most sensitive parts of the tent fabric, making sure they last longer and that there’s no wear and tear.

    For example…

    Nylon and Polyester are good tent materials, because they’re affordable, light, and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

    However, they’re not the best insulators (as opposed to cotton, for example), and they can condensate the air inside the tent.

    Tent canvas is very good.

    It’s made of cotton and it insulates extremely well – which makes it an excellent solution for camping during warm weather to help lock out the heat.

    Cotton absorbs water well and it’s breathable so condensation won’t occur.


    A major drawback to cotton is it’s really heavy.

    It’s very bulky for transport, and it’s also harder during tent set-up.

    In addition, cotton needs to be dried before packing because it absorbs water. And it’s definitely more expensive than man-made materials, such as nylon and polyester.

    But, here’s the thing…

    There are also tents that combine cotton and man-made materials, to achieve higher quality and durability.

    Sometimes, you don’t have to “root for only one team”.


    The rainfly is the staple of every decent-looking tent. It’s the outer layer of the tent and, in most cases, is removable. It should be waterproof, and it generally is.

    The rainfly is separate from the tent body and serves as an extra cover. If a tent is single-layered, it only has the rainfly with a floor attached to it.

    It’s extremely useful when it comes to venting the tent. When a rainfly is removable, it will offer much more breathing room and allow you to gaze at the sky through the mess roof.

    Listen to this…

    The rainfly is also known as a flysheet, fly, or outer tent – so, don’t get confused if you come across those terms as well.

    It’s practically one and the same thing.

    Below the rainfly is a mesh vent, through which fresh air will come into the tent, keeping it cool. It’s also great for enjoying the outside view.


    The rainfly can save you from the rain, because it serves as the protective layer of the tent.

    For extra protection and higher functionality, it’s definitely recommended a tent has a rainfly. It will only improve upon the tent’s structure and make your camping even better.

    It’s not essential for a tent to have a rainfly, but it’s definitely a huge plus.

    Guy lines

    Don’t let the name confuse you. This part of tent is also known as guy-wire, guy-rope, or  just – guy. But it’s all one and the same thing.

    The guy line is a tensioned rope whose purpose is to hold the tent together i.e. add stability to it.


    Stability is just one side of it. Guy lines are also very important for ventilation. It may sound silly to you, but they are.

    The reason is simple.

    If you have a two-walled tent, it will be ventilated much better when the mesh wall and the rainfly are separated.

    This is why guy lines are necessary. They will keep the mesh and the rainfly separated, thus allowing air to go through them and keep the tent ventilated.

    One more thing.

    It’s much safer if the guy lines are closer to the ground. If they are tensioned too high, you might trip over them, especially during the night or foggy weather.

    That’s why many tent owners opt for reflective guylines – that glow in the dark –  to keep themselves safe in low visibility.


    There are all kinds of accessories a good tent can have. These include straps for easier handling and reinforcement–necessary for the tent poles.


    A tent can have pockets for storing small items.

    These pockets can be placed on the tent side or on the top. They’re very practical, especially if you’ve brought a lot of extra stuff with you.

    There are also optional tent accessories, such as the footprint – a piece of ground cloth that goes right beneath the tent floor. Some tents go with the footprint, but it’s usually sold separately.

    Why is this important?

    Footprint is a very useful tent accessory, because it can really protect the tent floor, especially in areas with bad terrain. If it damages, you can replace it – and it will cost you far less than to replace the whole tent.

    Some tents come with their own gear loft, which is a great thing to have. they’re like small hammocks for storing things, and can come in useful if you have too many personal things on you.

    More stuff coming…

    There is also the tent repair kit (a smart thing to have, especially on longer trips) and seam sealer – because you never know what might happen.

    All of these things are optional, so don’t expect every tent out there to have them. However, if a tent you like has some of these, it’s a great addition.

    Just don’t be disappointed to find none of these. As I said, they come separately…

    What to make of it?

    In general, the more accessories a tent has, the more practical it is. (But also the more heavy it is to carry.)

    Of course, these accessories should all serve a concrete purpose, and not be there without any particular reason.

    But, you get the picture…


    Practicality usually means two things – seasonality and ease of set-up.


    The tent you buy has to be reliable.


    It shouldn’t tear easily and underperform in bad weather. Whatever the weather is, your tent has to be easy to set up and disassemble.

    Otherwise – it’s just the wrong choice.

    Here’s why…

    Tents can be good for three or four seasons, but the most important thing is they perform well.

    The last thing you want is to buy a tent for springtime, and then find out – to your dismay – that it’s not very good for spring camping after all.

    On the other hand…

    There are also 4-season tents. These should keep you comfortable throughout the year, no matter what the weather outside is.

    Of course, there’s no need to get a 4-season tent if you’re only planning to go camping during summer.

    It’s absolutely clear.

    A good tent should be absolutely reliable, according to what it says in the warranty.

    Ease of set-up

    If the tent takes two much time to set up, what’s the use of going camping? It will only make you nervous and spoil the fun.


    The tent has to be extremely simple when it comes to set-up. Otherwise, it will only cause problems for you.

    This is especially important for shorter trips, for one day or a couple of days. No use spending hours on end figuring out how to properly set up your tent.

    No doubt about it.

    A quality tent will have a simple and straightforward instruction manual, from which you’ll be able to do everything quickly and easily.

    Now, most tents come with an instruction manual, but there are exceptions…

    If your six person tent doesn’t have a manual, be sure to contact the manufacturer.

    Fire-resistance and safety precautions

    Most likely, you won’t experience any problems during your camping. However, one never knows. There has even been a lot of research on camping and health hazards.

    Problems arise when people use heat sources inside the tent, especially in hot weather. This is to be avoided at all costs. Be sure to use a heat source outside the tent.

    Also, there is the problem with fire and safety. Not all tents are fireproof. What to do?

    The most important thing is to be prepared if you experience a fire in your tent, or nearby. A fire blanket or a flame retardant tarp are always a good thing to have.

    Reviews Of Our Favorite 6 Person Tents

    Expert Tips for Using a Tent

    You probably know most of these things, but it’s always good to do a recap, especially if it’s been a long time since your last camping trip.

    Here are some of the key tips for using a tent:

    1. Read the instruction manual before camping. Everything you need to know about handling your tent is described (in full detail) in your instruction manual. Don’t skip this step. Make sure that you’ve read (and understood) everything.
    2. Don’t store food inside the tent. This will allow for the smell of food to spread, drawing all kinds of insects and animals. And know that animals smell food miles away, more than humans.
      Some areas have specific rules on safe food storage–especially in areas where bears live.
    3. Don’t eat inside the tent. The smell of food will spread, and you might also drop small particles of food. Be sure to eat in front of the tent, or at a picnic site table.
    4. If your tent has a screen room, you can use it for eating. However, it’s very important to clean it afterwards – thoroughly. Failing to do so will draw critters.
    5. Position the tent door away from the wind. Find a good location to setup your tent. Make sure that, if there is wind, it doesn’t hit your tent door directly. By doing this, you’ll prevent strong bursts of air from entering the tent and pulling it away. This is especially important if you’re camping in a windy area.
    6. Never put the tent in a washing machine. This is the wrong way of cleaning your tent, because you can damage it permanently. When you want to clean it, use a sponge soaked in light-soaped water.
    7. Protect the tent floor. When setting up the tent, make sure there are no rocks, stumps or roots in the location. The tent floor is very sensitive and it can damage quite easily. Also, never enter the tent with your hiking boots on – they will damage the floor without you even noticing it.
    8. 8. Never leave a heat source inside the tent. You just never know what might happen. Some tent materials are very flammable, and it will take a bit of open fire to set the tent ablaze. Don’t risk your wellbeing – always do the cooking (and other activities involving a heat source) outside the tent.
    9. Upon returning home, air the tent. You should leave it in the yard, or a convenient open area, and let it air out. By doing this, you’ll protect the tent from mildew and mold.
    10. Store the tent in a ventilated area. The tent needs to have enough room to “breathe”. Don’t store it beneath your old clothes or equipment, because it might develop mold and mildew. Also, don’t store it near food of any kind.

    Grab Your Tent and Off You Go!

    Okay, you’re all set! You know how to find the best 6 person tent, and you’re ready to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Remember, the most important thing is to know what time of year you’ll be using the tent, and what you want from a tent.

    Once you know this, the purchase will be a breeze. Happy camping!

    Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent
    Best of the best

    Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6 person Canvas Tent

    In order to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family, you’ll need the best 6 person tent to keep you happy.

    Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6
    Most Buying

    Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6

    In order to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family, you’ll need the best 6 person tent to keep you happy.

    Coleman Evanston Screened Tent
    Best for the money

    Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

    In order to enjoy the great outdoors with your friends and family, you’ll need the best 6 person tent to keep you happy.


    Frequently asked questions

    What tools are used for setting up a tent?

    The tent setup tools differ, depending on the manufacturer, because there are many tent models out there. Usually, all the tools you need are included in the tent package. Therefore, you should have everything when you purchase your tent of choice. There should also be an instruction manual, leading you through the whole process. In case there is no manual, be sure to contact the manufacturer.

    What is the best place for setting up a tent?

    The best place is definitely a flat ground, because those are the safest areas. The tent will be stable and safe to use. Avoid sharp slopes, or hills, because you'll be exposed to potential floods. Also, it’s pretty hard to move around in a tent that’s positioned on an incline. If you’re planning to camp for several days, make sure that your tent is positioned in the shade; if the tent is exposed to the sun for too long, it will be extremely hot inside.

    How to prevent dirt and mud from getting in the tent?

    Dirt and mud usually get inside the tent via shoes. If you’re wearing hiking boots, remove them prior to entering the tent. Also, a good idea is to place an old carpet (or a small towel) in front of the tent door, to serve as a mat. You can wipe your shoes against the improvised mat, thus removing any remaining dirt and mud off your shoes.

    Is it okay to pack a tent that is still wet?

    If you’re on the go, and have to change your camping location, you can pack your tent if it’s still wet – but be sure to set it up again soon. On the other hand, if you’re going home, it’s best to dry your tent first and then pack it. This is especially important if you’re taking a long trip home.

    How to get rid of tent mildew?

    It’s very hard to do this, because mildew invades the tent fabric and leaves a strong, unpleasant smell. However, you can treat this problem by using some soapy water (preferably warm) – but don’t use detergent. Add a bit of lemon juice to the water, and apply it as a cleaning liquid to the mildewed surface of the tent. Rinse it and leave it to dry. If this doesn’t work, contact your tent manufacturer for further advice.


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